While Companies Like Binance are Cutting Jobs, New Companies like Metacade (MCADE) Are Planning to Focus On Crypto Jobs

The struggles across crypto markets have strained the retention of crypto jobs. Crypto giants such as Binance are reporting significant job losses across some of its global subsidiaries, such as Binance Holdings Ltd’s Indonesian unit. These job cuts reflect the struggles of Binance Coin (BNB) in recent months, negatively impacting investor confidence in the crypto market.

Metacade is bucking this market trend with its ground-breaking plans to focus on crypto jobs with its innovative Work2Earn scheme, one of the many highlights of the new platform’s rich project roadmap.

Metacade is a new player in Web3 gaming, providing GameFi enthusiasts with a virtual gaming arcade in which they can socialize while enjoying the most expansive array and best titles in blockchain play-to-earn (P2E) gaming. They aim to become the leading proponent of P2E gaming in the metaverse with their exciting virtual gaming arcade, open to gamers of all calibers, from casual gamers to seasoned competitors looking for the best online tournaments.

Gamers earn rewards while progressing through games and beating opponents in arcade-style titles while also picking up passive income whenever they interact socially with the broader community. For example, Metacade encourages sharing alpha, gaming tips, and writing game reviews with financial rewards, meaning those contributing to the hub’s community benefit the most.

Other income streams are available to users through the platform’s Compete2Earn scheme, which lets users stake tokens to enter online tournaments and regular prize draws with lucrative rewards.

Additionally, a Work2Earn plan, including a jobs board, will lead to innovation on the site and match gaming enthusiasts with some of the most exciting crypto job opportunities within the Web3 sector.

The platform is underpinned by the native MCADE token, which provides the funding upon which the entire self-sufficient ecosystem works. Revenue is generated through sizeable external income streams from advertisers, external gaming companies who want Metacade to release their titles, and the posting of job adverts on their job boards from Q1 of 2024 onwards.

Internal community users also contribute to revenue generation as they stake to take place in online tournaments as part of the platform’s Compete2Earn program. Tokens are staked for entry, with a share of the total staked providing the rewards for the most successful competitors.

Metacade is introducing its Metagrants initiative in Q3 2023 which aims to drive GameFi innovation and the creation of new crypto jobs. Game developers are encouraged to submit game proposals to the community who will then vote on which games they would like to see funded. The most popular submissions go into production, providing gamers with the games they want to play on the platform and developers with funding to support their endeavors. The first Metagrant-backed titles will be released in Q1 2024.

Metagrants provides Metacade with two explicit benefits. First, the release of new exclusive titles will maintain its place at the vanguard of the GameFi revolution. Second, game developers gain more real-world experience and support as they take steps to build a stable Web3 career. The best new game development talent will fill new crypto jobs as they arise, having more experience behind them.

Metacade’s focus on supporting new crypto jobs will make it a leader in the GameFi market. This is in contrast to companies like Binance, which looks set to cut jobs as they seek to ride out the current bear market conditions affecting some of the largest cryptocurrencies, such as BNB.

Is MCADE a sound investment?

The year 2022’s harsh crypto market conditions look set to continue into 2023, leaving investors searching high and low for good investment potential. Rather than focusing their attention on market leaders such as BNB, the focus is shifting towards exciting new projects such as Metacade.

MCADE, Metacade’s native token, has attracted significant momentum during the first weeks of the presale, with thousands of investors flocking to take advantage of the low token price. The first stages sold out quickly and the project has already raised more than $3.2 million.

The value of the MCADE token increases with each presale phase and is currently available for $0.012. By the conclusion of the ninth and final phase, the value will be $0.02, at which point demand for MCADE is expected to skyrocket as the coin hits decentralized and centralized exchanges.

This rich long-term potential, allied with Metacade’s exciting plans to support crypto jobs in 2023 and beyond, makes MCADE an extremely attractive investment proposition for anyone looking to add to their crypto portfolio now.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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