What are DeFi? Get to know Light’s project

The LIGHT token achieved remarkable recognition in the market by being listed on Coinmarketcap, considered the largest platform globally for the verification of the price of cryptoactives in the market. Through CoinMarketCap, Light DeFi has already reached four times the top ranking of the best daily results among the tokens listed on the site.


Light DeFi’s project is ambitious and intends to develop a photovoltaic plant with a production capacity of up to 480 MegaWatt (M.W.). With this production of solar energy, the production capacity of the photovoltaic plant can reach US$ 3.5 million in revenue, or even enough power to supply more than 264,000 homes.

The photovoltaic plant planned by Light DeFi will be financed with the token’s network fee. Right after the construction of the first module of the project, which will have the capacity to produce 1 Megawatt (M.W.), the forecast of the developers is to expand the energy capacity to 3 M.W. in the second phase of expansion of the photovoltaic plant. In the end, the project will have a production capacity of 480 MW.


To show the transparency of this project, the Smart Contract that brings Light DeFi to life was made available before the official release of the token. In addition, the developers made an initial contribution of 30 units of Binance Coin (BNB) into a liquidity pool for Light DeFi.

To strengthen the security of this project, Light Defi hired a group of lawyers specialized in solar energy to create the White Paper for the token.


Light DeFi (LIGHT) will promote a raffle of a Tesla model car in partnership with the EMP Token (EMP). After the market capitalization of the LIGHT token reaches US$ 150 million in the market, a vehicle will be raffled for the user, valued at US$240 thousand (including import taxes).



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