Web3 Educational Platform Metakademy Offers World’s First Earn While You Learn Crypto, NFT Course

Metakey on Tuesday announced a partnership with Layer-1 blockchain Wire Network, to support the relaunch of the Web3 education platform, Metakademy.

Metakey is a platform-neutral and interoperable Web3.0 toolmaker. The platform’s main offering is a single token, which can be used to morph into avatars, guns, vehicles, exp bonuses, access to unique educational content, and VIP experiences at virtual events when combined with other platforms and games.

Wire Network stated that the online learning platform will use its blockchain and protocol stack, including Universal Polymorphic Address Protocol (UPAP), that seeks to solve bridgeless interoperability across all chains.

Bridgeless interoperability will avoid the bridge attack vector that hackers have been exploiting across the industry and provide improved asset functionality regardless of the blockchain of origination.

Courses cover blockchain, DeFi, gaming, and more

Metakey asset holders, as well as the public, will have access to Metakademy’s vast range of Web3 courses covering topics like blockchain, smart contracts, gaming, Defi, and trading.

Students and educators will earn rewards interoperable with multiple Metakey-developed and partnered platforms and services, including their upcoming MMO-ARPG, New Ganymede.

Learn and earn

According to the company, students can earn points as they complete lessons, redeemable for rewards including NFTs, while experts can apply to become MetaGuides, which will enable them to earn for the courses they create.

Also, Metakey holders can earn additional multipliers and bonuses.

“Blockchain is often viewed as slower, costlier, and less performant than Web2 applications, but Wire Network is reversing that stigma by reducing costs while matching or exceeding the performance standards enterprises that individuals have come to expect from traditional web architecture,” said Ken DiCross, CEO of Wire Network.

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Metakey is developing additional Metaverse spaces that will allow users to combine the convenience of remote learning with the immersive, interactive, and social elements of conventional institutions. A key feature integrates the Metakademy with a virtual campus in Decentraland— a space for live seminars and workshops run by MetaGuides and guest lecturers.

“Blockchain and NFTs will change the way education is delivered, contributed to, and engaged with,” said Matty Soudagar, co-founder of Metakey.

“I believe the Metaverse will spin up new models for immersive learning and for attaching digital credentials to students. Metakademy is an evolving product to continue exploring these models, and we couldn’t be happier to have the WIRE team build and support this vision,” Soudagar added.

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