Uniglo (GLO) Is Preparing To Add More Security Features, Ethereum (ETH) And Polkadot (DOT) Could Explode Soon

Crypto newcomer GLO has been having a big impact in the last few weeks, while still in its first pre-sale phase. It’s performing well, while much of the rest of the market is floundering somewhat. That’s because it’s an incredibly well-built project that answers key problems in the crypto and wider financial worlds. Picking a coin while it’s still in its early stages is key when looking for huge upside. That’s why now could be the time with GLO. The crypto scene has been slightly harder to make money in recently, with some projects struggling somewhat due to overall market conditions. However, there are still good projects to invest in. And the ones that hold strong right now could be well-placed to skyrocket when the overall economy finally sorts itself out.

That’s the thing with crypto, it isn’t down because people have lost faith in the overall viability. It’s down because the whole economy is in a tough spot, and inflation is on the rise. There’s still a ton of long-term potential in crypto. And now could even be the right time to get involved with prices at an arguable discount. Some savvy investors are actually increasing their deposits right now, gearing up for the next bull-run. And if you think about your investments in the long rather than short term, this could be the right move. Let’s have a look at why experts are recommending GLO alongside ETH and DOT…

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo recently passed full KYC certification and has a ton of strong security features already. These features look set to be improved upon real soon as the team continues to add some of the strongest security protocols in the space. And GLO also has an incredibly strong and secure base price, thanks to a completely deflationary model that’s fully asset-backed by a range of products that include gold. That means it isn’t reliant on the performance of any one crypto or asset, and offers a strong base value that people can rely on. This makes it one of the most secure places to invest in the crypto world.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum has actually had a strong week or two, after some losses in the bear run. That’s because a date was announced for the merge to ETH 2.0. Eth 2.0 has been hotly anticipated, but nobody was sure when it would take place. Ethereum is the backbone to much of the blockchain industry, but many people have been put off because of large fees and slow transaction speeds. These issues should be fixed with the merge, setting Ethereum up for even more gains in the future. That’s why some argue that Ethereum is primed to explode soon, and now could be the time to invest.

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot completely simplifies asset transactions across multiple blockchains. Not just tokens, but any digital asset, like NFTs and more. If you’ve ever tried to make a transaction from one blockchain to another, you’ve probably seen how complicated it can be. Polkadot helps fix these issues, and is set up for a big future in the space. Its native token, DOT, still has a ton of potential. And now could be the time to buy it.

Uniglo could be the next big thing in the crypto world. It has a ton of fundamentals that solve key issues in the space, and it could surge in price alongside the likes of ETH and DOT. They’re all great additions to your portfolio right now.

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