Trava Finance Brings You Knight NFTs And A Unique NFT Marketplace

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Trava has unleashed the Legend of the Trava Knights.The NFTs utilize Trava’s own next generation NFT renting marketplace. Those who have played used the platform know the benefits of the Trava marketplace’s superior interface, lower prices and the flexibility of renting through the platform. With Trava’s versatile technology, if you do not have enough assets to buy, you are able to borrow assets in the lending pool for lower costs.

You can only imagine how many more choices this lending option gives you. With technologies like Trava Finance, the next generation of DeFi appears to be inching closer and closer to the present day.

With a clear goal towards the future of lending pools, these NFTs will add more NFT features to the lending pools. NFT collateralization functions will be a huge focus for Trava Finance, so this would bring enormous benefits to those who choose to lend and borrow with Trava Finance. Trava Knight NFTs serve multiple functions, making them more than art compared to normal NFTs. They have utility as collateral for the future of Trava.Finance’s lending pools.

What Are Trava Knight NFTs?

They’re not just cute knights you can show off. Unlike most NFTs, these cutting-edge NFTs have a function and purpose in lending pools and decentralized finance.

Trava.Finance synthesizes lending protocols and NFTs, creating a highly advanced, flexible ecosystem. The protocol pushes the frontiers of blockchain technology in allowing NFTs to be used as collateral. Future plans also consist of adding these NFTs to a lending pool. Trava Knight NFTs are not only collectible digital assets. They are a model for blockchain advancement and a serious innovation for the future of blockchain. Trava aims to become a prime protocol in DeFi 2.0.

Future Vision For Trava Knight NFTs

Among the User Services Platforms out there, Trava.Finance takes special care in aiding the destiny of NFTs. Through this unique technology, Trava.Finance has set the goal of using NFTs as collateral, thus improving the lending protocol. In addition to these features, an auction mechanism will be used to determine the price of NFTs, preparing these NFTs to be a part of lending pools, so that NFTs can be used as collateral for loans.

With Trava.Finance, NFTs can be used for lending! This Trava NFT marketplace is only the beginning of NFT collateralization. Those who choose to lend and borrow from Trava Finance will reap future benefits of this protocol.

All the trading in the marketplace will be in $TRAVA.This is huge for the Trava token. Anyone who holds $TRAVA should be absolutely thrilled from the launch of Trava Knight NFT.

Your Treasure Box Awaits

The first stage consists of Trava Armoury chests which will allow you to buy and unlock mystery chests. Revolving around the Epic of Trava Knights, items that you unlock will either be a helmet, armor, shield or weapon of various rarities. 

Once you assemble all the parts, you will be able to use your newly-made knight and farm Trava.Finance’s NFT vault with at least a whopping 3-digit APY. The rarer the NFT you possess, the higher your APY. This unique approach to crypto farming should catch the attention of anyone interested in crypto and innovative tech. You may not have the rarest build, but you will farm, at minimum, a high 3-digit APY. Even if you don’t have the best luck, you can always “trade-up” and upgrade your NFT rarity by owning multiple items with the same rarity. Users will also be able to list their Knight NFTs for sale as well as using a buyback mechanism to widen your options.

The longer you stake these Knight NFTs in vaults, the higher the protocol will favor you in the future lending pool. To those who are really loyal, you will receive massive benefits when Trava Finance finishes NFT collateralization.

The sooner you take action, the greater your rewards.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming flash sale on December 20th – 21st. Armoury Chests will be sold at a discount every 2 hours for 2 days!

Trava Finance’s Tentative Plan

?Dec 13th — Initiative Campaign for $TRAVA holders to get free Trava Armoury Chests: top 100 $TRAVA holders recorded from Dec 13th and onwards will be given free Trava Armoury Chests.

?Dec 20th — 21st — Flash sales for Armoury Chests: Armoury Chests will be sold at a discount every 2 hours for 2 days.

?Dec 22rd — Official Launch of Trava NFT Marketplace and Farming Program with at least 3-digit APY: Enabling to list and sell Knight NFTs, buying Armoury Chests and offering vaults with great yield.

Don’t Miss This New, Exciting Project

$TRAVA holders, rejoice. With the launch of Trava Knight NFTs, you can own NFTs that actually have more functionality than art. While the knights are artistic in their own right, these NFTs will also be important in Trava Finance’s overall vision. In turn, $TRAVA’s value will be heightened by the project. The powerful lending pool and NFT Rental marketplace will surely catch the attention of anyone who is interested in DeFi, the future of NFTs and how the two will operate, hand in hand, towards the future of blockchain..

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