Top 3 Gaming And NFT Cryptos For 2022: RoboApe (RBA), Cardano (ADA), And VeChain (VET)

The gaming sector is a huge industry and has adopted blockchain technology in a big way. NFTs and cryptocurrencies offer a lot of advantages for the gaming sector including decentralisation, the ability to reward players in a fair manner, and lower costs. It also provides higher security and trading of gaming assets inside the virtual ecosystem. As the gaming industry undergoes a shift and incorporates blockchain technology, here are 3 cryptos to invest in for taking advantage of this booming sector. These 3 coins are: Roboape (RBA), Cardano (ADA), and VeChain (VET).

Deflationary meme coin RoboApe targets the gaming industry

The deflationary token RoboApe will help gamers access virtual ecosystems where they will be able to play tournaments and interact with players across the world. The platform will use a native token known as RBA which will be used for transactional and reward purposes inside the site.

To ensure ease of access, the site will build apps for both browsers as well as mobile gaming ecosystems. Users will be able to access games from the comfort of their homes or even while travelling.

The RBA site will include facilities for hosting tournaments and competitions where players will be able to play against users from around the world. The platform will also provide the facility to mint NFTs from memes, images, and GIFs. Public voting will determine the memes that can be used by the platform and the users will be rewarded for participation. Users will also be able to participate in NFT minting events from template cards so even amateur users will be able to create NFTs easily.

The RoboApe academy will help in spreading educational content about the blockchain industry and will be free to access for all users.

In the future, the RBA Token will be bridged with other blockchain networks via a swap feature to ensure cross-chain compatibility. It will help in lowering gas fees and ensure better prices for its users.

The RBA Token is available on presale and you can get to invest in the gaming industry through this revolutionary new cryptocurrency.

Cardano and Emurgo release DAB for Web 3 developers

The Cardano Foundation in association with Emurgo has released a decentralised back end solution aimed at helping Web 3 developers. It will help developers deploy apps on the Cardano blockchain by having access to a host of tools through a decentralised system. The announcement was made via Twitter, “New release: The DAB solution provides an open-source alternative for Cardano developers to build decentralised applications (dApps) on Cardano’s blockchain.” The ADA Token has registered a strong price rise in the past and remains one of the most widely used coins currently. It can be added to potentially generate huge profits in the future.

VeChain announces $100M sponsorship deal with UFC

The VeChain ecosystem is expanding rapidly. It is one of the most used blockchain ecosystems and hosts a variety of dApps including support for NFT gaming ecosystems. In a new development, the VeChain team has announced a new sponsorship deal worth $100M with UFC. It will provide a lot of publicity for the VET Token as it will get access to 900M households spread over 175 countries. The VET Token has seen remarkable growth and remains a hot favourite among crypto enthusiasts. It can be added along with ADA and RBA for a balanced and high-growth portfolio.

To find out more about the upcoming RBA Token, visit the links shared below. The official site has a lot of resources explaining the utilities of the RBA ecosystem. Always research before purchasing a cryptocurrency and invest for the long term for optimum gains. Diversification of assets is the key to success in the long term.


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