Thousands Of Safemoon Community Members Joins Centcex

  • Centcex exchange will be offering better security
  • Centcex exchange will offer a better user experience
  • There will be more products on the Centcex ecosystem than Safemoon.

Centcex, a blockchain-based project that is creating a decentralized economy, has received thousands of Safemoon community members over the last few days. This is after the platform launched and recorded a skyrocketing growth of 3000% on the launch day. It’s a record-breaking growth that is catching the attention of Safemoon and other cryptocurrency investors.

Centcex is a project that is building a decentralized economy that provides users an ultra-secure trading environment and a better users experience than what current decentralized platforms are offering. The team is building a platform that will address shortcomings in the currently decentralized systems, with security and scalability being the major ones.

The crypto project has also developed an innovative reward system that is attracting crypto investors, including Safemoon community members. The huge number of products on the Centcex ecosystem and the widely anticipated staking process are among the project aspects attracting thousands of Safemoon and other investors.

Centcex is building one of the most powerful cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. The Centcex Exchange is a game-changer due to astounding security, speed and privacy, features making it superior to other exchanges.

On the security issue, Centcex exchange is using a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol, which provides better security. The PoS consensus method uses validators who are responsible for creating new blocks on the blockchain and verifying all transactions on the exchange. It will be impossible for a small group or one person to complete a transaction that compromises exchange security. That’s how this exchange will become more secure.

Scalability is a big selling point and the reason why thousands of Safemoon and other crypto community members are joining. The PoS consensus protocol is one of the ways the exchange is increasing transaction speed. The creation of new blocks on the blockchain by the validators is super-fast than PoW protocols, which increases the number of TPS. It’s an achievement Safemoon investors want to be part of.

The team says the staking process is meant to reward their investor, and this got many Safemoon investors interested. The staking reward of 100% APY that will be shared among staked Centcex tokens is attracting many Safemoon investors. All these factors improve users’ experience and appeal to Safemoon and other crypto community members joining the project.

Centcex has also announced that it will be hosting multiple products on its ecosystem. This means more money for the staked tokens. The huge revenues to be collected is another factor that attracts Safemoon community. Safemoon is yet to develop more products for its ecosystem.

Centcex labs will be funded by 3% of the collected taxes to develop unlimited products for the ecosystem. It is this huge future staking that most Safemoon investors are looking for. Centcex team says it’s expecting more Safemoon investors to join in the coming days with the current growth rate.

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