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In a previous peak of meme coin hype season, reflection tokens were the iconic buzzword for generating hype. Charging a buy and sell tax on tokens, then distributing these fees to existing holders was considered a good way to relieve sell pressure. Investors were assured that they would earn ongoing rewards, simply by holding their reflection tokens. Who could ever forget the iconic $6 to $400k SafeMoon trade?

Reflections = Passive Earnings

Taxing token buys and sells was also beneficial for new projects launching the crypto space. Receiving a small percentage of fees every time a token changed hands was a good way to build an instant revenue stream, while also attracting buyers and rewarding investors. 

Despite this, token reflections have proven themselves as an unsustainable and hollow myth. They disproportionately benefit the token’s early buyers, who stand to reap enormous rewards off latecomers. Those who buy later receive significantly diminished rewards. What’s more, as soon as trade volume tapers off, the project is left with a depleted, almost non-existent, revenue stream.

That’s where MetaBlaze, this visionary new Web 3 Gaming Platform, flips the script and envisions a creative new alternative focused on sustainable scalability. MBLZ, the native token of the MetaBlaze ecosystem, features a dynamic tax reduction strategy. Playing a small part as to why MetaBlaze is recognized as the top 10% most watched crypto projects.

Additionally, MetaBlaze’s core team is one of the first teams to earn a comprehensive Gold KYC badge via Certik, the most reputable Blockchain Security company within the crypto space.

MetaBlaze Token ($MBLZ) 

When MBLZ token launches later this year, holders will receive generous rewards through ‘Metaflections’. This will help to drive value to the token, while also establishing a valuable early revenue stream for the team as they continue expanding the ecosystem. However, over the course of a few months and upon the completion of project milestones, these taxes will be reduced. How much? Keep reading.

Overtime, MBLZ will become a tax-free token, enabling its listing on tier-one cryptocurrency exchanges. The tax-free status of MBLZ will also reduce barriers to entry for new users, as there will be no need to pay taxes on buy and sell orders. 

Powered by its MBLZ token, MetaBlaze’s ecosystem aims to create value through its innovative gaming services and products that are deeply intertwined with engaging storytelling and social integration. Building upon sound fundamentals, MetaBlaze is positioned to greatly expand its reach and impact, delivering an ever-growing range of gaming experiences. With a strong emphasis on quality and next level customer service, MetaBlaze is positioning itself to become a key player in the space.

Designing a game-first ecosystem, MetaBlaze sets out to reimagine the world of crypto gaming. The team believes that rich storytelling and complex world-building are the heart of delivering a memorable and engaging player experience.

Deflationary Mechanisms via Decentralized Application

The MBLZ token is also deflationary by nature. Packed with utility, MBLZ will be essential for players in-game. In order to maximize their earnings in MetaBlaze’s interlinked NFT games, players will need to be strategic with their MBLZ holdings. In the MetaBlaze universe, players can buy items and one-off consumables using MBLZ which can boost their earning potential. 

This process permanently removes MBLZ tokens from the total supply via a burn mechanism in the Blaziverse dApp. In fact, the MetaBlaze team forecasts up to 30% of all MBLZ tokens will be removed from circulation through its dApp; portions of MBLZ tokens used on in-game asset purchases will be burned. Additionally, the MetaBlaze team is slated to burn up to 18% of MBLZ after its initial token launch is expected to take place this December.

MetaBlaze offers a new approach to play to earn crypto gaming that fans have been clamoring for. Instead of paying out crypto rewards using an inflationary native token, MetaBlaze brings added value to players by issuing rewards in popular cryptocurrencies. Players will be able to receive top coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Binance (BNB), and more by diving into MetaBlaze’s immersive and increasingly engaging NFT games. MetaBlaze is expected to launch its first game dubbed “MetaMinez” shortly after the MBLZ token launch.

MetaBlaze Crypto Presale 

With the MBLZ token launch just around the corner, the last few spaces in their presale are rapidly starting to disappear. At the time of writing, the MetaBlaze presale is less than $500,000 away from its 4 Million Dollar hard cap limit. Presale buyers benefit from a discounted token price and an additional token bonus of 5% per transaction and receive early reflections mentioned earlier on in this article. Don’t miss this opportunity to join one of the best cryptocurrency ICOs of 2022. 

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