This Token Just Gave Out Free NFTs to its Holders?

(Photo : This Token Just Gave Out Free NFTs to its Holders?)

NFTs are taking over the tech space, with all the news related to these game-changing elements of the blockchain universe constantly making headlines. And now, NFT Token, a new player, is giving others a run for their money by changing the game further.

Launched only a week ago, this brand new NFT player is betting on a unique concept with no presale and locked-in liquidity of the founders. So, what makes NFT Token stand apart from the crowd of NFT players flooding the blockchain market? 

Well, this one’s airdropping free NFTs from across the metaverse to some of its token holders, and the news is taking the crypto industry by storm.  

A Game-changer 

NFT Token brings a concept to the crypto industry that is already making headlines and sending the competition into a tizzy. Offering its holders free NFTs from projects that are just finding their way into the metaverse, NFT Token, says its founder, was created solely to gift NFTs to its holders. 

Even more interesting is that the founders are inviting holders onboard as partial owners of rare, high-value NFTs. As anyone part of the crypto universe knows, these NFTs are only available to top-of-the-line, high-end holders. 

The Game Plan

NFT Token’s free giveaway strategy seems surprising, especially when other crypto tokens can make a mark in the metaverse only by minting their own NFTs. Still, one look at the strategy tells you that the game plan is a smart one indeed. 

Purchasing NFTs from new projects that line up at the marketplace, NFT Token then passes on these tokens to some of its holders. High-end and rare NFTs will soon be in the pipeline, too, with holders being able to grab partial ownership. 

The project’s safety has been accorded high priority too, and the founders have locked the liquidity pool with provisions to extend the lock if required.

The First NFT Has Been Airdropped

With the Wicked Ape Bone Club – #3103 already on the list of dropped NFTs, NFT Token backs up its plans for the long run with a four-phase roadmap that will see it rise to the top of the crypto game. 

In addition to dropping free NFTs, every transaction will also see the burning of tokens. This move ensures that the future witnesses a rise in the value of tokens for holders through a planned reduction in supply. 

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