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Ongoing developer activity is crucial for all coins, currencies, tokens, and projects in the crypto space. The past three months yielded plenty of activity, although the rankings include projects one might not expect. Nevertheless, it is good to see healthy competition and forward-thinking in this industry.

Trust Wallet (Token)

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will have heard the name Trust Wallet before. Although the GitHub repository pertains to the Trust Wallet Token, developers work hard on the wallet solution. With this support for various blockchains and assets, Trust Wallet has quickly become a household name in the industry. The 986 commits by 99 contributors in the past 90 days confirm there’s a lot of attention on this project.

Solana (SOL)

As one of the hottest blockchains in the crypto space today, Solana is home to many exciting projects. Those ventures include exchanges, DeFi, DApps, and even NFTs. Maintaining the network and ensuring smooth day-to-day operations remains essential. Thankfully, Solana has over 100 contributors, creating 944 commits these past three months. It will be exciting to see what these commits will yield for users and developers.

Cardstack (CARD)

Cardstack positions itself as the world’s first cooperate SaaS platform. It is a very big label to live up to with significant potential. Establishing a no-code workflow through a mix & match approach can bring many developers and ideas to the blockchain. Moreover, a Card pay feature for seamless Web3 payments can have tremendous long-term potential. Several dozen contributors created 777 commits on the Cardstack GitHub repo, which is impressive.

Rubic (RBC)

The Rubic ecosystem aims to provide a multi-chain on-chain swapping solution for crypto users worldwide. Moreover, it offers low gas fees to provide a frictionless and less costly process. Users can also bridge assets across multiple chains, including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Tron, etc.   Despite only having nine active contributors these past 90 days, Rubic accumulates 695 commits.

Chainlink (LINK)

As one of the leading external contract data providers in today’s blockchain space, Chainlink has built up a solid reputation. However, there is always room for code improvements and general optimization. Chainlink’s team of 90 contributors continues to tweak the code and offer improvements wherever necessary. The 694 commits in the past 90 days show the work is never done in the blockchain world, no matter how robust a project or its technology may seem. 

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