Tezos-based DeFi Ecosystem Smartlink Launches Second Generation of Vortex with Yield Farms: Details

Vladislav Sopov

Now the enthusiasts of Tezos (XTZ) blockchain can “yield farm” Sushiswap-style


  • Smartlink launches “yield farming” on Vortex DEX
  • Advancing UX of Tezos-based DeFi

Tezos-centric multi-product ecosystem Smartlink, which includes a peer-to-peer marketplace, launchpad and decentralized escrow, shares a crucial update for its Vortex decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX).

Smartlink launches “yield farming” on Vortex DEX

In its recent official announcement, Smartlink ecosystem stated that the latest release of its DEX Vortex (Vortex v1.2) supports “yield farming” functionality.

Namely, the yield farming functions will be activated for the following Tezos-based assets (that belong to both FA1.2 and FA2.0 standards), including SMAK, USDtz, hDAO, ETHtez, tzBTC, Crunch, Plenty, QUIPU, kUSD and Ctez.

Vortex yield farm’s codebase is audited by top-notch Tezos (XTZ) development studio, LIGO Lang. Besides products for Tezos’ ecosystem, LIGO Lang devs contributed to programming languages utilized in Tezos’ dApps.

As such, the holders of various Tezos-based assets will earn yields on their dormant cryptocurrencies after locking them into Vortex liquidity pools.

Advancing UX of Tezos-based DeFi

Besides “yield farming” opportunities, Smartlink introduced a number of improvements for performance, user experience and operations of its architecture.

The new iteration of Vortex boasts an advanced analytical toolkit, including daily gainers and losers, daily TVL, top pools, staking statistics and fee distribution.

An easy-to-use ROI calculator will help crypto holders to choose between the most active and profitable pools. As such, Vortex will guarantee the unmatched yield farming experience for traders with various levels of expertise in crypto.

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