Tangle ecosystem association will lead to big success

  • The IOTA community is celebrating a major win following the confirmation of the IOTA Swiss entity’s registration in Zug (crypto valley).
  • The community discusses ways how IOTA and Shimmer could improve on their marketing strategy.

IOTA has become a dominant force in the European region. In another major victory, the IOTA Swiss entity- Tangle Ecosystem Association, is now officially registered in Zug (crypto valley) according to a recent post. Behind the old town charm of what is the biggest town in Switzerland, Zug is famous as a tax haven, attracting some of the wealthiest people and big institutions. The town has also garnered great interest from crypto projects and companies, leading to its nickname the ‘crypto valley.’

According to the filings, the registered association (IOTA Tangle Network) is “an independent, non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting, developing, and managing technologies and applications in the field of open source software in the field of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, ”

In its essence, the IOTA Tangle Network is designed to be a distributed ledger technology (DLT) for the Internet of Things (IoT) environment. Its registration in the Swiss town will promote its adoption at a local level, country level, and continental stage.

As CNF reported a few weeks ago, IOTA Tangle was chosen as a key technology partner by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economy for the SUSEE project. Per the agreement, IOTA’s data structure Tangle will power the smart energy sensor ecosystem SUSEE.

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In addition, IOTA has further celebrated a successful review by the European Commission of reviewers in the just concluded ENSURESEC project. According to the reviewers, all expectations of the project were surpassed.

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Is IOTA doing enough marketing?

Despite the numerous successes for the IOTA Foundation and community through IOTA Tangle and Shimmer, there has been criticism that the foundation has failed in marketing these projects. In a tweet,  IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener has called on the community to give ‘concrete proposals.’

As a nonprofit organization in Germany, the IOTA Foundation has been restricted from marketing its projects and products. This emphasizes the need for the Tangle network association in Switzerland. The association will not be restricted and will be free to market.

The co-founder admits that marketing has been one of their main criticism. Ideas floated by the community will be implemented by the team. Schiener adds that primarily they are looking to bring in more developers to their projects.

Since the debate emerged a few good ideas have been proposed, unsurprisingly most being those witnessed with other projects. One as such is sponsoring sports teams. With proposers asked to directly message the co-founder with their proposal, we will get the final proposals to be executed at a later date.

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