Swiss bank SEBA to bring large institutional clients to DeFi platform Aave Arc

  • SEBA submits a proposal to Aave Governance to bring liquidity from institutional clients to Aave’s DeFi platform. 
  • The Switzerland based bank believes that Aave Arc offers DeFi yields while complying with regulatory requirements. 
  • Analysts have predicted that Aave price could continue its uptrend till DeFi winter starts.

Switzerland-based bank SEBA is keen on bringing institutional clients to the new DeFi platform Aave Arc. SEBA has submitted a proposal to Aave Governance for the same. The DeFi protocol’s token AAVE rose strongly on the news.

Institutional clients prepare to pour liquidity into Aave 

DeFi is at the centre of Swiss Bank SEBA’s strategy for its institutional clients from Switzerland. The bank is aware of the rising demand for Aave from institutional investors and is prepared to offer access to new opportunities in DeFi through Arc. 

SEBA recently integrated DeFi tokens, including Aave, into its proprietary cold-storage solution. SEBA’s vision is that Aave Arc will fulfill the requirements of its institutional clients. 

The Swiss bank is well suited to take on responsibilities relating to regulation and KYC/ Anti-money laundering. SEBA operates under the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). 

SEBA can offer market participants significant value as it is a fully regulated digital asset bank. 

Analysts are bullish on Aave protocol’s token AAVE. AAVE has posted over 8% gains over the past 24 hours. SEBA’s announcement fueled a bullish narrative for the token. 

@venturefounder, a cryptocurrency analyst recently tweeted about Aave’s tokenomics. The DeFi governance token started off with one of the strongest tokenomics compared to the rest. 

Aave has outperformed its competitors over the past two months and analysts have predicted a continuation of the uptrend. 

Analysts have evaluated Aave’s price trend and predicted that the DeFi token has rallied through resistance and is ready to hit a new all-time high above $661.69. 

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