StreamCoin launches nonprofit ‘Green NFTs’ in partnership with One Tree Planted

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As a responsible organization that is built on the ethos of giving back to the community, nature, and the eco-system on the whole, StreamCoin is pleased to announce the launch of its “Green NFTs”.

StreamCoin will spearhead this project in partnership with One Tree Planted — a nonprofit organization focused on global reforestation. However, not being restricted to one project, this collaboration with One Tree Planted will be the fulcrum that supports many more initiatives for a greener tomorrow.

In particular, as a preliminary step of this project, StreamCoin has launched its first collection of Green NFTs, which is specifically minted for the purpose of manifesting how these digital tokens can be used for good causes. On that subject, Michael Ein Chaybeh, CEO of StreamCoin, stated:

“We aim with this initiative to show how NFTs can be used to make environmental and social change on a global scale. I believe that the Green NFTs we created in partnership with One Tree Planted will be a great leap toward expanding the utility of NFTs to help the environment.”

The Green NFTs have 0% royalties and cannot be resold. Moreover, the proceeds from these NFTs will be donated to One Tree Planted, which will support the organization’s efforts of planting one tree with each $1 donated.

One Tree Planted is a Vermont-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a greener planet with its extensive reforestation projects spanning the globe. Ashley Lamontagne, forest campaign manager at One Tree Planted, remarked:

“We appreciate the support of StreamCoin and all the great work we will be able to do as a result of this partnership. Through their contributions we will be able to plant more trees where they are needed most and further our goal of global reforestation.”

The first set of the Green NFTs is available in the new ‘One Tree Planted’ collection on STRMNFT — StreamCoin’s NFT marketplace. It comprises 1,000 identical, tree-themed items, with each NFT priced at approximately $10 (450 STRM). Users who wish to donate to planting trees will have the Green NFT in their STRMNFT account to acknowledge their contribution.

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