Solana, Shiba Inu And Adirize DAO; These 3 Cryptos Might Give You The Breakthrough You’ve Been Looking For

Cryptocurrencies have become the means of livelihood for a lot of people, especially since 2020. More and more people are getting into the industry, but a lot of them do so without knowledge of what to do and how to do it, thus losing a lot of money. To be one of those actually making money, you have to pick the right crypto assets.

Luckily, we’ve done the hard bit for you. We’ve selected three cryptocurrencies that may help you pull the big bucks. One is already an established cryptocurrency, one is a fast-growing memecoin, and one is a new entrant into the market, which we think has a lot of potential. Let’s look at all these cryptocurrencies individually, starting with Adirize DAO (ADI), the new entrant in the market.

Adirize DAO (ADI)

Cryptocurrencies were created to replace fiat money. That’s the long and short of it. Bitcoin (BTC) was created to become an alternate and decentralized means of payment. That was very feasible until the problems of Bitcoin (BTC) started to show their face. Bitcoin’s biggest problem is the problem of volatility.

Bitcoin can be worth $68,000 today and tomorrow be worth $10,000. This problem makes it hard for Bitcoin to be used in everyday transactions because it’s not a reliable store of value. To take care of this problem, stablecoins were introduced.

There are so many stablecoins, chief among them USDT and USDC. These are coins pegged to the price of the dollar. This means that even if the crypto market is going up and down, the price of the stablecoin will remain stable.

This is an illusion. Here’s why; the dollar isn’t stable. The dollar is prone to inflation; as a matter of fact, the US dollar’s inflation is worse now than it has been in a long while. If you buy $10,000 worth of USDT, i.e., 10,000 USDT, in ten years, it will be worth less than it is today. Thus these stablecoins aren’t the perfect store of value. Adirize DAO (ADI), however, is here to change things. Let’s explain.

Why You Should Buy Adirize DAO (ADI)

A federal reserve backs the currencies of countries of the world. This reserve is proof that the country won’t default on its debts and is usually tied to a physical and valuable asset. For example, a country like Spain has tonnes of gold in its federal reserve. Some countries have the US dollar in their federal reserve.

This serves as a store of value for them and gives their currency intrinsic value. Adirize DAO (ADI) is doing something similar to do this by taking lots of crypto assets into their portfolio and using them as a reserve to create a stablecoin that isn’t pegged to the dollar. In the long run, cryptocurrencies will generally increase in value, giving Adirize DAO the backing it needs.

Adirize DAO owns the assets it uses to back its coin. It doesn’t need to borrow or get cryptocurrencies via a liquidity pool. This gives it intrinsic value.

Why You should Buy Adirize DAO (ADI)

There are two monetary policy tools that Adirize uses: Staking and Bonding. When you stake in ADI, you exchange your liquidity for sADI. That sADI is proof that you have staked ADI in the liquidity pool. Staking is usually a long-term strategy, which means that even if prices rise and fall, in the long term, your coins will increase in value.

This is unlike other stablecoins, where the coins will most likely decrease in value as the dollar decreases. When you’re ready to reclaim your ADI, you return the sADI, and it is burned out of circulation. This helps to prevent inflation of the sADI.

In Bonding, it’s a little different. You can get more incentives, but it’s usually a short-term strategy. It’s almost the same way buying bonds with your local bank works, with a few alterations. Bonding helps to accumulate value in the Adirize treasury, while Staking locks up Adirize DAO (ADI) tokens, thereby making them scarce and more valuable.

These two methods work hand in hand to give Adirize the value it needs to be a free-floating stablecoin. By free-floating, we mean that its price isn’t pegged to a physical asset like other stablecoins but is rather pegged to decentralized assets and, as such, can be affected by the price swings of the market. However, there is a threshold below which it can go, and that threshold is the value of the assets backing it.

Bonuses and Offers with Adirize DAO (ADI)

With all these explanations, buying Adirize DAO seems like a no-brainer. While we advise that you still carry out further market analysis, it probably is safe to say that Adirize is the next big thing.

It has several Presale bonuses in store, including a 12% bonus when purchased with Ethereum (ETH), a 7% bonus in Stage 1 of the presale, a 45% bonus if you purchase within 25 mins of signing up, and a lot of other juicy bonuses. If you’re serious about making money in crypto for the rest of this year, you should consider taking advantage of this offer.

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) is a blockchain network built for speed. It’s one of the fastest blockchains in the world, with the ability to process up to 700,000 transactions per second. It is highly energy efficient, using the Proof of Stake Consensus Mechanism instead of the Proof of Work mechanism used by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It also has low transaction fees and high throughput. All of these have made people dub it the “Ethereum Killer”. It does everything Ethereum (ETH) does, only better. Many crypto users and Dapp developers are porting from the Ethereum blockchain to the Solana blockchain network.

It’s growing in leaps and bounds and showing no signs of slowing down; it’s currently the 9th largest cryptocurrency in the world in market capitalization. Solana (SOL) might be just the thing for you if you’re looking for an established cryptocurrency to pour your money into.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Named after the Japanese Shiba Inu dog, Shiba Inu (SHIB) set out to mirror the success of Dogecoin after it came into the limelight, and it has done just that. With a market cap of $6.6 billion, it is currently the 14th largest cryptocurrency in the world.

It is a memecoin that has grown exponentially, especially with Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk making some tweets and comments about it. Many people who missed out on Dogecoin (DOGE) decided to jump in on Shiba Inu (SHIB), thus leading to its rise in price and value. Shiba Inu (SHIB) calls itself the Dogecoin (DOGE) killer, and so far, it has lived up to its name. If you’re looking for the perfect memecoin to pour your money into, then Shiba Inu (SHIB) might be what you’ve been looking for.

It’s not easy picking which cryptocurrencies to put your money into, especially in these times of uncertainty. However, you’ll be fine if you carry out enough market analysis. The key is knowing when to get in and never trade with more money than you can afford to lose.

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