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Every year produces a stand-out token or project that becomes a fans’ favorite. Usually, there are signs, either from the protocol or the presale energy, that the coin will be more popular than most.

Big Eyes Coin is looking to offset some of the existing fans’ favorites, including Solana and Chainlink, in its run to the top of the crypto charts. Here’s a short review of the market situation and how the tokens stand.

Solana (SOL) – One Of The More Popular Choices For The Next Bull Run

One can hardly name household tokens in the cryptocurrency market without mentioning Solana. The project has been a constant choice for most users since its launch, and with good reasons too. The protocol is solid, offering value-added services to its users every time.

Solana (SOL) operates a hybrid protocol that is chiefly responsible for the platform’s key selling points. The hybrid protocol has a proof of stake protocol on the one hand and a proof of history protocol on the other. The combined effect of both protocols helps the network process transactions faster and reduces the energy spent validating and logging the records. Subsequently, the platform charges lesser gas fees, which attracts users from all over the cryptocurrency market.

Apart from its protocol, Solana (SOL) hosts several DeFi tools and applications like Ethereum. It also runs an active NFT marketplace, which was only recently added in 2021, following the NFT popularization. The marketplace allows users to tokenize their favorite media content and sell or exchange them for others. It’s also an excellent collector experience, as Solana boasts many NFT collections on its platform.

SOL powers the Solana network and functions as a primary payment method. It is available on CoinGecko for $20.90.

Chainlink (LINK) – Proving Real Utility To The Blockchain

Chainlink is a decentralized network that seeks to introduce smart contract technology to non-blockchain institutions to make their operations more automated. Smart contracts offer automated processes by completing blockchain transactions as soon as the conditions set for the transaction are met.

Chainlink’s central objective is to transfer data safely from off-chain terminals, such as banks and payment systems, onto the blockchain, where smart contracts will act on the open transactions. Afterward, the network transfers the processed transactions to the terminals through the same safe passages. These safe passages are regarded as oracles designed to transfer data to and from the Chainlink (LINK) blockchain without compromising the information within them.

The emphasis is on ensuring the data is secure and without errors. To this end, banks supply their verified data through Application Programming Interfaces, which allow them to transfer data to third-party systems. Otherwise, the smart contract will experience issues with completing such transactions.

Chainlink is powered by its native token, LINK, which is available on CoinGecko for about $7.29.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) – The Fan Favorite Aiming To Save The World’s Oceans

Big Eyes Coin will be looking to match both Solana and Chainlink with its massive community support and protocol. The token will feature an NFT club, some charity work, and great fun for its community.

The eagerly anticipated NFT club is still under development, and the developers are working hard to finish it by the launch date. The Sushi Crew club will enable users to tokenize their digital content–video, texts, pictures, and audio–and store them in collections on the site. With the newly integrated smart contracts, NFT creators and collectors can store their assets on the network safely. Moreover, the developers have announced that transactions on Sushi Crew will be free of charge to curb the excessive fees associated with transactions on the Ethereum network.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is also big on charity. The token is interested in ensuring the ocean fish population is kept safe, so the developers have decided on periodic donations to charities concerned with conserving marine life. A wallet has been set up with about 5% of the initial token supply to fund donations in the future.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is also offering an additional 5% bonus tokens with a purchase using the code: BIGE263. So don’t miss out and claim your bonus tokens now.

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