Should You Invest In The Hideaways (HDWY) even if Ethereum (ETH) And Ripple (XRP) Prices are Dropping?

The recent crypto market crash triggered by the collapse of the FTX exchange has led to a decrease in the price of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).

Crypto market conditions will depend on the near-future events, although it’s looking unlikely that the crypto market will stage a recovery in the short-term.

That’s why investors are turning to The Hideaways (HDWY) presale as it offers investors the chance to own a cryptocurrency that is on the up, with the price only $0.072 but set to continue rising throughout the presale. It’s a great chance to invest in the early stages of a project that looks set to revolutionize the crypto industry thanks to its real world use cases.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Keeps Being Very Stable

Ethereum (ETH), the popular blockchain, could transition to the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for payment services thanks to an extraordinary technological achievement which took years to create. The post-merge momentum of Ethereum (ETH) is slowed down.

Ethereum (ETH) has been pretty stable in the last few days, with its price floating slightly above and below $1,200. Investors in Ethereum (ETH), whose price has fallen from $4,865 to $1,482, a 69% decline, are seeking other ventures to benefit upon. They have found The Hideaways, which will satiate their needs.

Ripple (XRP) Rocky Days Ahead

Ripple (XRP) provides a reliable way to move funds among multiple businesses. Ripple (XRP) transfers are cheaper, faster, and more energy-efficient than Bitcoin transactions. The creators of Ripple (XRP) had high hopes for the public adoption of this payment technique. But that never happened whatsoever.

And that is why crypto analysts believe Ripple (XRP) will have roadblocks in the future. The Hideaways is a hidden gem that Ripple (XRP) investors are interested in.

The Hideaways (HDWY) Will Be A Unique Platform

The Hideaways delivers higher benefits and actual advantages than Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP), according to our experts. Here are some methods they employ to accomplish that:

  • The Hideaways will release an NFT secured by rental-generating real estate.
  • Investors may earn a passive income of over 20% in ETH or USDT.
  • Access to chances for investing in real estate internationally

The Hideaways hopes to combine the 230 trillion dollars real-estate industry with cryptocurrency. It will achieve this by creating fractionalized NFTs backed by high-end properties all over the world.

The perks of joining The Hideaways include decreased costs, the ability to vote on Hideaway’s investment strategy, a monthly rewards program, all-inclusive holidays at The Hideaways collection of resorts worldwide, and much more. The club will introduce VIP tiers for its most prestigious members, which are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

With the presale being just a month old, the market cap is very low. If the token reaches the top 10 lists in 2023, investors may receive as much as 40x the return on their investment.

Another plus in The Hideaways book is that it has completed its audit with Solid Proof with high marks. And with an eternal locked liquidity, we can safely say that The Hideaways is here to stay.

The presale price is currently worth only $0.072 and it is predicted to surge 4,000% in the coming months, so take advantage of it!


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