SafeMoon V2 countdown begins with prices ready to explode

  • John Karony, SafeMoon CEO shared an update on new developments in the project, announcing the transition to a new team. 
  • Thomas Smith, SafeMoon’s Chief Blockchain Officer has been replaced with a new team as part of the company’s restructure and preparation for V2 launch.
  • The former Chief Blockchain Officer told David Gokhstein in a recent interview that he will make products that support SafeMoon from the outside. 

SafeMoon is going through restructuring ahead of the V2 launch. CEO John Karony shared details of the team’s progress and addition of new members to replace Thomas Smith. 

SafeMoon makes progress on V2 launch  

SafeMoon’s V2 upgrade will improve the security on the network. The upgraded contract brings utility features like reducing tax by 80% for ecommerce and wallet transfers. For SafeMoon users, the net value of their holdings will remain the same. 

John Karony, CEO of SafeMoon explained that the net holdings of users will be divided by a factor of 1000, and the overall value remains the same. 

Transferring SafeMoon between two wallets is currently taxed at 10%, a drop by 80% makes it 2%. Users can migrate from V1 to V2 in two clicks, and a small amount of BNB to cover the transition fees. 

Interestingly, SafeMoon recently announced that Chief Blockchain Officer Thomas Smith is now being replaced by a team. Karony shared details of the transition and revealed that the V2 upgrade is imminent, the handover process has started. There is no news of delay due to the transition.

The team has started a countdown and the upgrade is currently going through the final checks.  

Thomas Smith told David Gokhstein of Gokhstein Media that he will support SafeMoon externally. 

Earlier this month SafeMoon was recognized as the crypto community of the year. Analysts are bullish on SafeMoon based on the recent price trend. 

SafeMoon ranks in one of the highest price gainers over the past 24 hours. 

Adam Bergman, a cryptocurrency analyst at “The Adam Bergman Show” on YouTube is bullish on SafeMoon. Berg stresses on the role of centralized and regulated exchanges and SafeMoon’s roadmap and community in pushing the asset’s price higher. 

Bergman expects SafeMoon price to explode, similar to Binance Coin, Shiba Inu token and (CRO). 


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