Runfy features make it a must-have Crypto Like Bitcoin and Fantom

The degree of diversification currently in the crypto space cannot be over-emphasised. Cryptocurrencies have gone beyond the regular utility introduced by Bitcoin. That is a currency that you can use without the guidance of a central governing body.

The Runfy project has taken blockchain technology beyond the boundaries of just peer-to-peer transactions. It has brought cryptocurrencies into the world of health and fitness. Runfy users will enjoy this Web3 service on one of the most developed crypto networks.

This article will highlight what Runfy users should look forward to as the project’s launch date draws near. It will also compare the Runfy project to Bitcoin and Fantom.

What is Runfy?

Runfy is one of the new projects entering the crypto space with groundbreaking features. It began its token presale in 2022 and is currently in phase 2 of its presale. Thanks to its fully decentralised nature, it has the potential to reach new heights once it launches.

Runfy introduces a get-fit-to-earn protocol. It incentivises users to pay attention to their health and keep fit. It has a BEP-20 cryptocurrency, “RUNF,” used as a reward currency. The Runfy ecosystem will also feature several reward opportunities for users to leverage and enrich themselves.

Runfy will integrate its blockchain-based platform with an excellent user-friendly experience. This UI will make it easy for users to participate in activities within its ecosystem. Its mobile application will have features that measure its users’ nutrient intake and calorie burn rate.

Runfy also promises to introduce wearable gadgets that facilitate data collection and integration into its blockchain ecosystem. Runfy will be the best place for anyone who wants to lose weight and earn money.

The future of Runfy

The Runfy platform has plans to remain in operation for a very long time. They have a road map that extends far into 2023, showing the benefits it will offer its users. One of the earliest developments Runfy users should expect is an airdrop of the RUNF token.

This airdrop creates an opportunity where users can own this BEP-20 token free of charge. The airdrop will also allow participants to earn more tokens when they invite others to the platform.

Runfy also intends to launch its native DeFi Wallet. This BEP-20 compatible crypto wallet will help Runfy users store their RUNF tokens securely. It might also support other DeFi tokens or future fitness-themed tokens, facilitating interoperability.

Once the Runfy platform launches, it will host several giveaways for its community members. These events will allow users to earn more tokens. It will feature fitness challenges and leaderboards. These provisions create opportunities for users to receive daily, weekly, and monthly rewards.

Runfy versus Bitcoin and Fantom

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to utilise blockchain technology as an online ledger to keep its ecosystem decentralised. Its creation introduces decentralisation into the financial space, allowing users to engage in peer-to-peer transactions. It operated as a proof-of-work platform, rewarding its validators with newly mined Bitcoin tokens.

Fantom is a newer crypto project in comparison to Bitcoin. The project thrives on the fact that it is an Ethereum killer blockchain. In simpler terms, Fantom has unique features over the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, Fantom utilises a proof-of-stake consensus protocol to manage its affairs.

This POS protocol is an environmentally friendly innovation that replaces miners with stakeholders. POS creates opportunities for users to support the platform by staking their tokens. These users will also receive stake-to-earn- rewards.

The Binance blockchain also exhibits this feature. Therefore, all memes of the Runfy ecosystem will enjoy its numerous Web3 services. In addition to the Runfy get-fit-to-earn theme, these additional features will make it bigger than Bitcoin and Fantom.

How to buy the Runfy Presale

To secure early access to RUNF tokens, participants must buy them before the official launch. The presale not only offers a token price discount but also has additional venues for users to earn rewards.

To buy the RUNF presale, visit the Runfy official website and go to the presale section. Connect your wallet and approve the purchase transaction.

Conclusion and Links:

To enjoy early adopters’ rewards, buy the presale before it ends. As the presale phase passes, the price of RUNF tokens gets higher. Thus, the best time to buy the presale is now.





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