Ripple and Bitcoin Cash Elliott Wave Cycles Point Intraday Recovery

Of course, there are some shitcoins with much bigger rallies, but once majors Cryptos complete their intraday corrections, this is when most of these coins could hit the wall.

Ripple, XRPUSD is coming nicely lower as expected, but the wave structure is still mostly sideways, so considering that triangle pattern in wave B, a new intraday recovery for subwave E may not be far away, just keep in mind that bears may now easily take the lead. However, there are still many other options, maybe even bullish triangle pattern in case if XRP jumps by itself, so previous highs can be potentially still retested before real bears show up.

Ripple 4h Elliott Wave Analysis

Bitcoin Cash after reaching lower triangle line for wave D, can be now making the final wave E of a bigger bearish triangle pattern in wave (B), which means that a sell-off for wave (C) may not be far away. So, in case if BCH breaks back below 530 bearish confirmation level, then we can start tracking wave (C).

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