Pugglit Inu Is The Meme Token Set To Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Exchange With A Use Case That Could Put It Ahead Of Radio Caca V2 and Cardano

Meme tokens in the crypto industry are not revered as much as other tokens from DeFi, web 3.0, NFTs, and metaverse projects. It is due to the ecosystems most meme tokens come from, as they usually have no use case or real-life application. However, meme tokens have been hitting the coin market with at least one use case as of late, but they’re still plagued with issues that Pugglit Inu (PUGT) was created to solve.

Pugglit Inu is coined from the name of two animals whose traits will reflect in the meme token ecosystem. It’s from the most delightful breed of dog; the Puggle, and the brave and intelligent Piglet. The creators of Pugglit Inu have built traits of these two animals into the PUGT token for it to stand strong and remain unbending despite the situation of other crypto assets in the cryptocurrency market.

The popularity of meme coins over the years has given meme tokens the push they needed to break into the market, following the success of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Since the big break, hundreds of meme coins have tried to reach that status again, deviating from the meme creation discipline of meme tokens. However, these coins have been plagued by lax customer service, comparatively high transaction fees, lower levels of security, and an absence of advanced trading tools.

Pugglit Inu was born to solve these problems by fortifying the safety of wallets and exchanges by incorporating improved cryptographic security. The platform also employs a unique proof-of-work algorithm to secure transactions within the network. Furthermore, Pugglit Inu aims to improve transaction speeds and reduce transaction fees as much as can be sustained within the framework and the mobile wallet. It will be optimized for easy but secure access and use in regular transactions.

What Use Case Does Pugglit Inu Have To Put It Ahead Of Radio Caca V2 (RACA) And Cardano (ADA)?

Radio Caca V2, also known as RACA, is a metaverse home to the United States of Mars. The platform is home to games, including the popular metamon, where members can play to earn. Additionally, RACA is the metaverse with galleries, concerts, and games to explore.

On the other hand, Cardano (ADA) is a blockchain platform that possesses the tools for developers and innovators to build their crypto projects and list their tokens in the coin market. The ecosystem is tokenized by ADA and is adopted by millions of crypto users who see value in blockchain crypto technology.

However, beyond the exchange features that Pugglit Inu offers, it provides users with a unique use case never seen before. This use case is tagged the PuggReach.

The Pugglit’s PuggReach

The platform plans to use funds from the initial sales of PUGT tokens to spread its reach into other services. The main one is providing a platform for pet owners. Busy pet owners who need professionals and qualified pet walkers to take their pets on a recommended stroll can come aboard the Pugglit Inu platform for that service.

The PuggReach pet services will meet these pet owners’ needs by giving them a safe, secure, and sustainable app platform that links them with qualified and affordable pet sitters and walkers. This app will be different from the others as it will be blockchain-based and more secure. It’ll also help solve the problem of pet abandonment and overcrowded shelters by finding new homes for pets.

Pet owners on Pugglit Inu will be able to pay directly for services using the PUGT tokens. The project will also have a loyalty program for pet owners who frequently use the app, hence rewarding them with PUGT. In addition, the platform will have a ratings and reviews section for pet walkers and trainers to provide better services.

Final Thoughts

Pugglit is the meme token ready to make a change in the crypto-verse. The platform runs atop the Binance Smart Chain and comes with staking pools and DAO to reward and include all community members.


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