Popular AU Dad Shop To Accept BTC, DOGE, & SHIB For Christmas

The adoption of cryptos continues in Australia.     It’s been announced by the marketing director of DadShop.com.au, the company wants to accept cryptocurrency from customers.  

DogeCoin, Shiba Inu, and Bitcoin

DadShop will start with 3 coins before fully submerging into the crypto sphere. This includes “Satoshi’s Bitcoin, Twitter’s DOGE, and the underdog SHIB,” according to one representative of the store.

Though it’s not clear when this will happen, the group aims to find a solution for Christmas 2022.  

The company’s marketing director, who only goes by ’Benjamin,’ spoke to the news blog Crypto Coin Opps last week.  He stated AU Dad Shop will likely use a known merchant processing service for cryptocurrencies to achieve their platform upgrade.

“Most likely going to use a merchant like BitPay to accept all mainstream cryptos,” he said of the adoption process.

If unfamiliar, this shop is one of Australia’s top gift shops for fathers.      It’s well known for its trendy products that range from grill sets and beer accessories to funny gag gifts.

DadShop Releases Anticipated Christmas Gift Ideas Lists

Approximately 15,000 customers shop at the Australian gift store monthly. Sales are expected to rise during the holiday season.

The site’s recent addition of a blog post full of ‘Christmas gift ideas’ has given all users even more reason to browse the store’s online shop.   The  DadShop’s team of professionals has assembled a list of gift ideas for men, women, and children in 2022.

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This is not an ordinary list, however.  The company’s product strategist has to study consumer trends quarterly to know what’s in demand and the burgeoning trends of shoppers.  Also,  the strategy guide must find new and innovative products that add value to the emotional state of clients.

In layman’s terms, these Christmas gift ideas lists are worth the read.

Crypto-economy in Australia

The Dad Shop’s front office got serious about digital currency after noticing Australian restaurants and food shops accepting cryptos increasingly.   Even though it’s not normalized in the great down under quite yet, it’s noticeable in everyday society.

“Australia’s never quick to rush into new trends and crypto is no exception,” said the Marketing head, Benjamin of the Australian economy’s relationship with cryptos.

He continued, “ More and more popular eateries in Sydney are slowly adopting crypto payments along with a few smaller retailers.  We’ve all noticed it.  All it would take is a few major retail outlets to accept crypto for it to take off.”

For now, the DadShop.com.au site can take inquiries via email and social media on purchasing cryptos for Christmas.  The shop will release an official press release once Bitpay, or another processing platform,  is live on their site.

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