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Polygon partners with One Immortl and One Nation Café to open Polygon Guild Munich

This will be a great example of how crypto will be used in the future”

— Denis Stolper, Owner, One Nation Cafe, One Immortl

MüNCHEN, GERMANY, October 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Polygon Guilds are popping up all over Europe, and the latest, Polygon Munich, is kicking off with a debut event at the One Nation Café to celebrate the formation of the Polygon Munich Guild.
The live event will take place on Oct. 29 at the One Nation Café, in Munich, Germany. One Nation Café, owned by the One Immortl app, is to be Polygon Munich’s headquarters. All guild events will be held there.
All food and drinks are on the house, thanks to the One Immortl Wallet.
Attendees will be airdropped tokens to spend that night, with the intention of showing off the app’s retail capabilities.

“This will be a great example of how crypto will be used in the future,” said the owner of One Nation Café and the One Immortl app. This is the first of a series of monthly events at this location. Guild events will, for lack of a better term, “be parties,” laughed Stolper in an interview.

But the main goal is to create an educational environment where blockchain and web3 nerds, and aspiring crypto nerds, can network and foster meaningful connections. Attendees will mingle and learn what some of the biggest names in crypto are up to in their respective projects and holdings.

On Oct. 29 at the One Nation Café, speakers from sponsored projects like Polygon, One Immortl, and Safemoon, will discuss their successes and shortfalls, as well as aspirations for the future of web3 technology.
Attendees will also have their pick of free merch from Polygon, One Immortl, Safemoon, and others like Organics by Red Bull, Next Block Expo, Vanagon, and more.

What is a Polygon Guild?
Polygon web3 Guilds are for every web 3 enthusiast or developer who wants to explore web 3 opportunities and make real-world connections through meetups.

It’s also a space for new projects on Polygon to take the stage in front of interested holders.
Polygon Guilds are run by “Polygon Guild Mages” or web3 enthusiasts who are fans of the Polygon Ecosystem and are looking to spread Web3 & Polygon Ecosystem literacy in their region with the help of the meetup groups.
In the case of Polygon Munich, the Guild Mage is the Owner of One Nation Café and the One Immortl Platform, Dennis Stolper.

What is One Immortl?
One Immortl is a dual loyalty and fiat/crypto mobile wallet application.
Given the mounting demand for convenience, One Immortl takes advantage of the technological developments in the mobile and online space of payment and blockchain technology with the ONE app, and One Immortl Wallet.
Their hybrid app unites the integrated customer loyalty program environment and rewards all buyers for living a healthy lifestyle.

This platform combines a rewards program and a blockchain payment system, bringing healthy lifestyles and sustainable brands together into a single application.

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Introducing the One Immortl Wallet

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