Polkadot’s Phala Announces Partnership with Octaloop for Unblock-2022

Octaloop and Phala Network have joined hands for ‘Unblock-2022’, a virtual web3 hackathon, scheduled to run from 10th to 17th November 2022. Over 5000 developers have participated at Octaloop’s past events, who are expected to lock horns at their biggest hackathon that precedes ‘Metamorphosis-2022’, dubbed India’s largest crypto gala!

Phala Network, built on Substrate, is a part of the Polkadot ecosystem that envisions a world with serverless computing. They recognise the vices of the centralized systems today that have exposed us to data and privacy risks and given the managing companies infinite power over our personal and professional activities. Phala’s vision aligns with blockchain’s principles of decentralized and trustless systems.

Octaloop and the Indian developer community are devoted to upholding such noble ideas and their partnership with Phala for the Unblock Hackathon is indeed, naturally compatible. Unblock will not only bring Phala to the Indian community but also help develop advanced use cases around the substrate blockchain framework and peer-to-peer networks.

The enterprising developers in India will have an opportunity to build and express their ideas to the mentors at Unblock, chisel their strategies and disrupt the industry with improvised execution. The registrations for Unblock is live at https://unblock.devfolio.co/ and ends on 9th November at 23:59 hours. All the developers looking to break into web3 or rise up the food chain are invited to register. Beyond the name, fame and glory – there is a lot of cash at stake!

Unblock will pave the way for Metamorphosis-2022, beginning 19th November featuring some of the biggest names in the industry, developers, entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, entertainers and everything else. If this interests you, learn more about the event at https://metamorphosis.octaloop.com/.

About Octaloop

Octaloop is a blockchain consulting and marketing firm founded by Anupam Varshney, a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast and thought leader in the Indian blockchain space. Besides working with some of the biggest brands in the Web3 arena, Octaloop also hosts physical and online events catering primarily to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses.

The team is also building Binamite, a solution that brings frictionless crypto payments to businesses and contractors. Binamite gives businesses the flexibility to pay using their preferred payment method while letting contractors choose how much of their pay they’d like to split between fiat and cryptocurrencies. To learn more, check out Binamite.com.

About Phala Network

Composed of a core team from companies like Google and Tencent, Phala’s co-founders Marvin Tong and Hang Yin, spearheaded the development of Bitcoin Gold’s Equihash mining algorithm. Besides offering Web3 cloud services, the project also provides clients with cutting-edge Web3 analytics tools to analyze data and outputs without violating anyone’s privacy.

Further, Phala offers seamless blockchain interoperability, even allowing contracts on different networks to call each other before any computation has been executed – a feature that many other interoperable protocols struggle with. For more information on Phala and how you can get involved, check out Phala.network.





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