Polkadot Price Prediction – POLKA Set to Drop as D2T Looks Set to Pump By 25x.

In the last year, Coinbase reports that Polkadot’s DOT, the native token on the Polkadot crypto network, has gone down by -88.76% from its highest price of $55.00 about one year ago! 

The decline becomes more evident when you know that DOT currently sells at $5.85!

Meanwhile, CoinDesk reports that the co-founder and CEO of Polkadot stepped down from the position about 24 hours ago. While there may be some explanations for this, investors are asking important questions that remain unanswered about this resignation. 

Generally, the Polkadot’s future looks bleak even as more analysts are predicting dangerous times ahead for the token.

 Meanwhile, the presale for the D2T token is almost exiting the first stage into the second stage.

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