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PRESS RELEASE. The DeFi product has also earned 150k+ wallet creations and got increasingly popular for its suite of cutting-edge features, including web3 usernames, swapping, multi chaining, and others.

Meaningful products always find their way regardless of the rumoured sentiments. Here’s AnCrypto, a DeFi wallet that is addressing various key issues in existing products and garnered stupendous responses from users in 100+ countries.

Launched in December 2022, the wallet already has 100k+ downloads on Google Play Store even though the iOS launch is due for a launch.

AnCrypto is a decentralized wallet that provides users with a secure, user-friendly platform for managing their cryptocurrency assets. With advanced encryption and no private key storage, the wallet gives users complete control over their funds.

AnCrypto is not only secure but also user-friendly, with an intuitive interface and customizable options for advanced users. Its design makes it accessible to everyone.

The wallet makes crypto finance accessible and easy for all types of users. The wallet upholds the belief that all users have the right to control and invest their money, regardless of any remittance regulations. Its focus on accessibility is a key strength of the platform.

AnCrypto is World’s first chat & pay crypto wallet

While the wallet supports transfers through multiple such as wallet addresses, QR-codes and others, the chat & pay attracted viral response.

The chat & pay feature enables users to easily send and receive crypto while chatting in the same window, providing a more convenient alternative to traditional wallet-address transfers.

Chat & Pay allows users to quickly get confirmation of transactions and track their transactional history. The feature is currently available on 9+ chains and will be extended to include more chains in future updates.

This is a great improvement over the conventional methods wherein the users had to memorize lengthy and complex wallet addresses.

While we are at it, the QR Code money transfers allow users to scan a code to initiate a payment. This is particularly useful for in-person transactions, such as paying for goods at a physical store.

150k + wallet creations and 1 Million transactions

One of the key features that make Chat & Pay user-friendly is the use of exclusive web3 usernames. In the past, the crypto industry has struggled with the problem of users having to remember complex wallet addresses as identifiers.

Long alphanumeric names were prone to errors, leading to money being mistakenly sent to the wrong addresses.

With usernames, AnCrypto users can simply type in a name and conduct transactions in the same window, eliminating this issue.

Exactly why, the wallet went viral right after its launch and as we discuss, there are more than 150k wallets created across accounts.

Integrates Blockchain Bridging for multichain transactions

AnCrypto supports transactions in 9 tokens and integrates blockchain bridges to facilitate cross-chain transactions. As the number of public chains increases, many users may prefer the convenience of a multi-chain experience, which allows them to avoid the need to download and maintain multiple single-chain wallets.

AnCrypto Bridge allows users to easily transfer assets from one chain to another. This means that users can store their wealth on multiple blockchains and use AnCrypto to access this active user base by expanding its utility to as many networks as possible.

Preparing for an exciting 2023

In the pursuit of making crypto finance accessible to everyone, products like AnCrypto are significantly instrumental. Going forward, the team expects the iOS launch sooner followed by more interesting features in upcoming releases.





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