Minicaps revolutionizes the DeFi Listing Platform with Low

Berlin, Germany, Dec. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Minicaps is a groundbreaking platform aiming to solve the main problems of the blockchain industry, such as low market cap projects facing hurdles in finding investors and gaining a large audience of supporters. Minicaps combats this situation by connecting investors with low market cap projects. It is a seamless trading platform that aims to be the first anti-scam crypto listing hub globally. The team of Minicaps employs a vast array of unique and innova-tive tools designed specifically to maximally increase the trust and security between developers of DeFi projects and the community of blockchain investors.

The Minicaps is powered by MiniX – a unique utility asset that mainly serves as the governance token of the Minicaps platform, providing its users with numerous benefits. The Tokenomics of MiniX goes as: Total supply is recorded about 10,000,000,000 MINIX (10 Billion) whereas the Distribution is as follows: PolyX Rewards: 4%, Marketing: 4%, Liquidity Pool: 4% and Manual Buyback & Burn: 2%.

Minicaps comes with various features such as; investing in low market cap projects no longer has to be hard. Using Minicaps, users can get all the necessary due-diligence data they need for safe crypto investments in one place – enhanced with various tools. Minicaps is different from other listing platforms due to its strict focus on low market cap projects. It provides the investors with the largest ROI. Moreover, Minicaps offers a PolyXSwap trading interface. It allows the investors to instantly purchase tokens listed on Minicaps without having to leave the platform. The platform aggregates data from multiple sources and uses that to determine if projects are safe – investors will never have to rely on low-quality data from a single source ever again with Minicaps services.

Additionally, Minicaps enables people to search for interesting projects effortlessly and be shown all the essential data immediately, without going through a lot of unnecessary marketing material. Users can also easily keep track of worthwhile projects. Lastly, the Initial score for pre-launch projects is a tool provided by Minicaps to improve project transparency and maximally protect the investors.

About Minicaps: A crypto listing platform designed to enhance trust, security, and safer investments in low market cap DeFi projects. The main goal of Minicaps is enabling low market cap projects to find investors easily and empowering the investors to gain exposure to undervalued projects in a secure environment with enhanced anti-scam protection, thus reducing the risk of investing in small markets cap blockchain projects to the absolute minimum.

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