IOTA, BitTorrent-New, Fantom Fall Short As Toon Finance Takes The Reins

When it comes to emerging leaders in the cryptocurrency market, there’s one name that’s blowing the others out of the water – Toon Finance. While other key players like Iota, BitTorrent-New, and Fantom have been enjoying huge success in the markets, Toon Finance is quickly becoming the one to watch in the ICO category.

Let’s look at the latest on these different coin types in more detail.

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IOTA is known for being one of the most secure distributed ledger protocols and has regularly made the headlines in recent weeks following the launch of its Shimmer Network. Described as going ‘beyond blocks’, Shimmer is described as ‘a scalable and feeless network enabling frictionless decentralized and scalable Web3 economies.’ While Shimmer’s no-fee approach is popular with investors, IOTA’s MIOTA token has been unable to escape the losses suffered by many cryptocurrencies this year.

In January 2022, IOTA was valued at $1.3865, tumbling to $0.2186 by November 2022. With Shimmer continuing to make some gain attention, eyes will be on the MIOTA and whether Shimmer’s success will help it claw back some of its losses.


BitTorrent-New is a familiar name to those who have used its file-sharing platform in the past. After expanding into the world of crypto, BitTorrent-New became a popular choice for people to invest in affordable cryptocurrency, reaching impressive heights since the launch of its own cryptocurrency token, BTT back in 2019.

However, in October this year, BitTorrent-New’s value took a dive from a value of $0.0029 in January 2022 to $0.0000007014 by November. The emergence of new players and the excitement of presales from its competitors has meant BitTorrent-New’s crown has begun to slip, with keen investors looking elsewhere.


Fantom is described as ‘a highly scalable blockchain platform for DeFi, crypto dApps, and enterprise applications.’ It has hit the headlines in recent days by reaching a 52-week low, with buyers looking to push price action to help recover some of these losses. While most altcoins have been experiencing the same fate, this latest blow is crushing news for a once-popular token which was valued at $3.3043 back in January this year.

Prices have also risen thanks to rumors around founder Andre Cronje, who could be making a return to the industry, after quitting in March this year. Andre’s possible return is sparking some buzz, with the hope he can bring his experience and innovation within decentralized finance (DeFi) and turn things back around for Fantom.

The impact of the latest crypto crash

While once popular providers IOTA, BitTorrent-New and Fantom have all been affected by losses over the last year, this is a reflection on the cryptocurrency market as a whole, with altcoins being among some of the worst hit. Even Bitcoin, the market leader, has hit a two-year low thanks to the news of Binance backing out of the acquisition of FTX and causing turmoil in the markets.

With most companies suffering some losses, and continued panic among traders, there could be a while to go yet before things take a turn for the better, with all eyes on Bitcoin to see what’s next for the industry as a whole.

Toon Finance – the next big thing in the crypto world

Among the altcoin tokens suffering losses this year, there are still some emerging platforms to get excited about – with Toon Finance being one of the most exciting applications emerging in the market right now.

While other companies like IOTA, BitTorrent-NEw and Fantom are falling short after years of riding high, it’s now time for Toon Finance to take the reins, already making some impressive waves thanks to an impressive first presale and the blockchain technology it offers.

Toon Finance has a wide appeal, especially for new investors. As a decentralized exchange application (DEX), users are provided with some flexibility, while there is no need for a central server to store Toon’s data. The result is a low-cost, highly secure platform that investors can feel confident using.

With many security breaches plaguing platforms in recent years, Toon Finance is emerging as a popular tool thanks to its high-security features. There is greater anonymity with Toon Finance, with registration not required to enter its upcoming second presale. Remaining anonymous is a huge benefit to many investors, especially newer investors who may be looking to dip their toes in cryptocurrency investments, without being concerned about their personal details.

Toon Finance’s intrigue as one of the newest coins on the block is helping to boost its popularity, but its appeal as being the platform for those with a passion for cryptocurrency could be what’s resonating with buyers. Toon Finance aims is to deliver something new to the market, with a platform that combines a decentralized exchange system, on-fungible tokens (NFTs) and even metaverses, with more exciting developments on the way. It’s also bringing an element of fun back to the market, providing an element of competition thanks to leaderboards, bringing users together to challenge each other and feel like a part of a community.

More affordable than centralized exchange systems, Toon Finance currently has the edge thanks to lower charges and affordable pre-sale price that makes it a tempting offer for investors. It’s also an arguably more user-friendly platform that will appeal to a wide range of people. With more exciting features on the way, Toon Finance has come as a breath of fresh air while the rest of the industry is in turmoil.

While some of the major names in cryptocurrency have suffered some big losses this year, the finish line to the end of 2022 looks a little brighter thanks to Toon Finance. Bringing some fun back to the industry after what has been a particularly dark period, there are a lot of exciting things to come from one of the newest players in the game.

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