How to fund your business with Nebeus crypto-backed loans

Funding your business is a core financial decision – and struggle – that a company needs to make – and overcome – to thrive. Crypto-backed loans solve the obstacles of traditional banking funding, providing flexibility, accessibility, and an accelerated resolution process.

Nebeus Business Crypto-backed Loans allow companies and accredited investors to take a loan from 50,000 to two million in EUR, GBP, USD with a 65% loan to value ratio and for up to 12 months, extendable in some cases to 24 months. The cryptocurrencies available to be used as collateral are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). Also, they have a fixed 8.5% interest rate, which, compared to traditional banks, falls in the lower average percentage, adding that a traditional loan can take up to several months to be completed.

In order to answer those inevitably business funding urgent requests, Nebeus offers a free accelerated same-day execution option for 10% of the total loan up to 200,000 in any currency. Thus, companies can take a Bitcoin loan for business and receive part of it within 24-48 hours. If the request exceeds the mentioned amount, Nebeus can grant the loan within a week from its application.

Additionally, Nebeus offers support from a personal manager to keep the process controlled and assured by a professional finance team. Also, in terms of protection, an extra service for margin call protection can be added to secure your investments in those volatile moments of the market.

Whereas cryptocurrency might seem out of the legal track as an alternative to traditional bank loans, Nebeus complies with all EU regulations, strictly adhering to the 5th anti-money laundering directive (AMLD5).

Who can apply for a business crypto-backed loan?

  • Companies from varied industries and sizes
  • Miners
  • Professional traders

Business loans use cases

With Nebeus’s customisable terms, there are vast loan use cases:

For instance, it’s a good way to get funding for a new business. Thus, borrowing digital assets can be used to fund a startup company or a small business, giving them the initial boost they need to succeed. Or, if a business is already mature, it can take a Bitcoin loan as it requires an extra injection of money to complete a project and expand its operations.

Miners can borrow against crypto to improve performance and profitability, start from scratch, replace outdated hardware with more energy-efficient ones, or raise hashrate. As well as that, crypto loans can be used to cover operational expenses, from electricity to equipment maintenance.

Finally, professional traders can take crypto loans to meet working capital requirements or to purchase stocks for further sale.

Crypto-backed loan benefits

Businesses use Bitcoin and Ethereum-backed loans to re-invest them in assets and take advantage of the crypto market without selling their investments, therefore, obtaining money, retaining their assets, and waiting for them to mature. If the company prefers to hold other cryptos than Bitcoin, using altcoins as collateral is possible as Nebeus offers Litecoin loans, providing the user flexibility in their crypto assets.

Additionally, taxation optimisation is another benefit of crypto-backed loans as by not selling the digital assets, companies avoid paying corresponding taxes. Alternatively, businesses get easy-access money by taking out a loan with that crypto as collateral, which is not a taxable event in most countries.

Furthermore, crypto-backed loans offer low international barriers as they operate globally. Therefore, borrowers can compare providers and partner with those that better fulfil their needs.

Unlike traditional lenders, by verifying your account and funding it, Nebeus can grant a business loan within the same day, making the process fast and easy for the borrower, not requiring a significant amount of time or detailed documentation as a business plan.

Crypto-backed loans: conclusion

Crypto-backed loans have opened a new way of lending, making substantial amounts of money available in almost no time. Moreover, all the process is legitimate and compliant with EU regulation, keeping the businesses’ assets and operations safe. As a result, companies may concentrate on development, expansion, and increased profitability without selling their cryptocurrency, thus, maintaining their digital assets and leveraging them to gain the most out of their crypto.

This article is sponsored by Nebeus, a cryptocurrency and crypto-backed lending platform that allows people to borrow, exchange, earn, and insure their crypto assets.

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