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The NFT space has been in a frenzy between last year and this year 2021. In fact, the buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies is incomplete without mentioning the NFT market. Although it has been in existence since 2017, the sudden resurgence has left many wondering what could have kickstarted it.

In Q3, trading volumes in the ecosystem skyrocketed by a whopping 704% from the previous year. Last weekend, popular NFT marketplace Opensea, posted a record 10 billion in all-time sales between 629,000 traders. It’s apparent that the industry has attracted a lot of people to it, and will continue to do so in the near future, especially as more collectors join the space. 

Speaking of people, several celebrities, especially musicians, such as Popstar Shawn Mendes and Hip Pop god Eminem, have capitalized on the market to make millions of their collections. Rock band Kings of Leon, sold their latest album “When You See Yourself”, as an NFT, amassing over two million dollars in sales. 

It’s not only the men that have been profiting from the NFT frenzy. The ladies have too. While there are not many females in the crypto space, it’s different in the NFT sector. The likes of Socialite Paris Hilton, ventured into the space last year when she auctioned her Tinkerbell, an NFT of her pet cat on Cryptograph. 

Music act Grimes and Emilia Ratajkwoski are other two prominent females that have benefitted from the space in recent times. Grimes sold her WarNymph NFT collectibles for six million dollars, while Ratajkwoski auctioned an NFT of her famous portrait taken by Richard Prince in 2014. Aside from these outstanding women, another prominent female has joined the NFT industry. Her name is Holly Sonders. 

Sonder’s Personal Collections: A New Dimension to Digital Collectibles

Holly Sonders is a businesswoman, sports broadcaster, successful athlete, supermodel, and now, an NFT artist. The pro golfer turned sexy model has decided to join the trendy and lucrative industry with a proposed launch of her 10k NFT collections for her loyal fans. She’s decided to do something special using NFTs, and the idea to launch a personal collection of her unreleased photos couldn’t come at a better time. 

The former Fox Sports broadcaster, model, and pro golfer has previously created a six-figure a month business leveraging her strong social media presence. In the last few years, the beautiful model has built a multi-million dollar empire from her fashion endorsements from renowned brands, such as Vixen to Balmain and Ambush. She has also done online modeling. 

Sonders also leverages the social media platforms to promote self-care products, with the intent of exposing their benefits to her fans. She allows her followers to understand the processes involved in attaining a perfectly toned body. Sonders has an extensive knowledge of supplements, diet, skincare, and nutrition, all of which can help reverse aging. She uses herself as an emblem of strict fitness and beauty to help women feel their best even at old age, hence the pictures she posts on her social media handles. 

Sonders isn’t here to do the regular and definitely doesn’t want to stand on the sidelines. In a bid to continue her Women Empowering Movement, she has collaborated with Creatify for digital collections launch. Her upcoming 10,000 NFTs contains 1000 exclusive, unreleased adorable photos of hers, AMA video sessions, Holly KandyKrush video game, a day of golf playing with Sonders, and other amazing benefits for subscribers and digital art lovers. 

How to Get a Holly NFT

Holly’s 10K NFT Collections will launch on November 23 at 11:00 am EST. To get a Holly NFT, you need to do the following;

  1. Download and install a metamask crypto wallet.
  2. Complete the setup process and jot down your seed phrase.
  3. Purchase some Ether by clicking the Buy button. You need ETH to purchase a Holly NFT. Each NFT will be priced 0.08 ETH. Make sure to add a little more ETH to cover gas fees. You might need around 0.02 ETH more to cover gas costs.
  4. Go to www.hollysondersnft.com, connect your Metamask and purchase your NFT!

One Holly NFT gives users access to an exclusive lifetime membership to Holly’s NFT community, an album of 100 unreleased photos valued between $5k – $10k, a 15-minute exclusive AMA Zoom, gold day, and a $2k of paid travel expenses with Holly Sonders herself!

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