Gorilix (SILVA) Together with SHIB Continue Rallying Despite Market Uncertainty

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Gorilix (SILVA) pre-sale gains traction while many majors shrunk

The past week was something of a tease for most crypto investors, as major tokens posted strong gains early, only to fade on dwindling volume as the week wore on. Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL) each posted losses on the week, compounding a six-month slide.

SHIB, SILVA continue surging despite pale performance of the majority of assets

Some bright lights, however, continue to shine amidst the gloom. Shiba Inu (SHIBA) passed a major milestone, while Gorilix (SILVA) ended the first phase of its presale in style and continued its upward momentum into the second phase’s first week.

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Shiba Inu is one of the crypto market’s most unlikely success stories. Something of an altcoin to Dogecoin’s (DOGE) memecoin, Shiba Inu has established itself as a serious token with remarkable appeal to crypto veterans and newcomers alike. Last week, SHIBA saw its total number of holders surpass 1,210,000 for the first time in its history, demonstrating that it remains both popular and useful, even at a time when more established tokens struggle to rise on substantial volume.

SHIBA has prospered largely because of shrewd government, and the past four days have given investors renewed confidence in its future. In that time, Shiba Inu has burned more than 200 million tokens, compounding the effects of its continued popularity. A smaller free float should give Shiba Inu additional support for increased prices, rewarding both its earliest holders and those who have recently come on board.


Gorilix (SILVA) continues to prosper for similar reasons, though its reduced availability was planned as part of its presale. The distributed-DeFi coin has risen nearly 450% since its June launch, and its presale’s second phase has already sold nearly 1.5 million tokens.

Investors are already being rewarded by SILVA’s defiantly resilient upward momentum, and even those who bought in relatively recently have seen their decision pay off. Shiba Inu bucked an industry-wide trend by posting a modest gain over the last week, but Gorilix has tossed that trend aside completely, gaining 23.2% over the last seven days.

While it is still building toward its September IDO, Gorilix is succeeding partly on the strength of a stronger value proposition than coins like Shiba Inu, and a more practical and detailed road map. By focusing on price-based interest payments and well-collateralized loans, Gorilix is a be-your-own-bank coin whose feet are planted firmly on the ground. Its meat-and-potatoes use case has apparently struck a chord with crypto investors looking for solid, sustainable returns.

To buy your SILVA tokens or learn more about Gorilix DEFI, visit https://gorilix.io.

To register for the Gorilix (SILVA) presale: https://cabinet.gorilix.io/sign-up

To join Gorilix on Telegram, Twitter & Instagram: https://linktr.ee/Gorilix

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