Funganomics® Completes Seed Investment Round As It Readies For Nov 30 Presale

Funganomics® has successfully completed its first seed investment ahead of its presale. The completion of the investment round was announced on November 18th and the source of the funding came from a private U.S. investor. This funding will go towards staffing efforts, software enablement, and additional technology infrastructure for the project as it looks to accelerate development in the NFT and Play2Earn gaming space.

Funganomics® had been fully independent and self-funded since the beginning. However, as the project expanded, the need for more funding had become apparent and it had opened up its first investment round.

“We’ve taken an independent approach in our initial startup by funding the project ourselves until now, and we are very pleased to have both a substantial injection of new capital, as well as additional knowledge and experience that will assist the company in its aggressive growth goals over the coming months” said Jeremy Roberts, CEO and Founder of Funganomics®.

What Is Funganomics®?

Funganomics® is focused on building the next generation of backend gaming ecosystems that will support the rollout of present and future projects. Additionally, Funganomics® will support the rollout of third-party projects as companies will be able to use the platform in their game development processes in the future.

The Ethereum-based solution also utilises Binance Smart Chains’ BNB as its front-end token to drastically minimise gas fees and is a game-changer for Play2Earn gaming. Their ecosystem comprises of Fungatopia® (NFT Platform), Fungality® (AR/VR Experiences), and FGS Games® (P2E Gaming), all working together to deliver a riveting experience for users.

Focusing on web-based gaming, Funganomics® will deliver an engaging gaming experience through a combination of 3D multi-platform gaming and, over time, an immersive experience with their Virtual & Augmented Reality gaming experiences. During gameplay, players will have full control of their characters’ attacks, defenses, and signature moves within enthralling genres.

Funganomics® will also deliver mobile blockchain-enabled applications for system integration. This is to enable players without access to a desktop computer or who prefer Mobile Gameplay to be able to participate in their ecosystem. Players will be able to play on the go and earn while they’re at it.

Token Presale And NFT Drop

After a successful seed investment round, Funganomics® is preparing to launch its presale. The presale is scheduled for November 30th, where investors will be able to snap up Funganomics® tokens at extremely favourable prices. Their first NFT character drop of 10,000 will take place shortly thereafter on December 16th.

Funganomics® plans to explore venture capital alliances following the conclusion of the initial presale and NFT drops in order to move forward with its product portfolio roadmap.


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