Floki Inu and Meme Mania – HUH Token Leaving Presale

FLOKI attempts to combine the power of memes, usefulness and charity in an attempt to help the underdogs of the world instead of venture capitalists and hedge funds. This is a similar premise to a new cryptocurrency called HUH Token.

Both are aspiring to be well known and widely utilised cryptocurrencies, with HUH Token having a unique and powerful social edge. Floki Inu adores and thrives on memes. They believe that by exploiting the powers of memes, they can obtain public recognition and widespread acceptance. HUH Token, on the other hand, is set to release on the 6th of December, has been rumoured to already have the backing of some influential social media influencers. So instead of attempting to rely on childish machinations in the form of meme’ry, HUH Token is starting on widespread acceptance and buzz.

FLOKI doesn’t only claim to have a meme backbone but also claims utility. Some of their projects involve a play to earn NFT game called Valhalla. They wish to utilise these games to help the underprivileged to earn a separate stream of income. There is also plans in the works for an NFT marketplace and an educational platform.

This cryptocurrency also has the charitable objective of creating a school on every continent in underdeveloped countries. Their first school has been commissioned in Ghana with Pencils of Promise and have also partnered with Million Gardens Movement to aid in helping those in need grow food and eat sustainably. It’s a welcome trend in the decentralised finance sector for cryptocurrencies to take into consideration charity and the environment. HUH Token also follows this trend with it’s partnership with the EDEN reforestation project.

You may see the HUH Token logo among EDEN’s Million Tree Partners here: https://edenprojects.org/partners/seed-partners-4/.

A fully-grown tree can absorb around 48 pounds of CO2. This implies that the EDEN programme can absorb 48 million pounds of CO2 in a single year.

Through a well-structured referral system, HUH Token has established a way for investors to acquire more money passively. HUH Token wishes to upend current dynamics by providing a source of income for everybody – a noble objective inspired by compassion in the pursuit of generational prosperity. The referral system works by giving 10% of a referred person purchase to the referrer. This is done using a referral code. The 10% of the first purchase is credited in either Binance coin or Ethereum. This is innovative because it allows holders to spread their assets and enhance the security of the portfolio.

Not only that, but the cryptocurrency has put investor safety at the heart of its brand by allocating $1,000,000 in liquidity for its launch. This will be split between the two exchanges it is initially beginning in. This liquidity is also secured for at least two years in the smart chain. It’s unusual to find this kind of stability in a new cryptocurrency, in comparison to Safemoon who started with $200,000.

This might be a promising trend for cryptocurrency in the future, moving it in a more ecologically conscious and community-minded path.

Follow HUH Token on their Socials before they Launch:

Presale: https://huh.social/presale/
Website: https://huh.social
Telegram: https://t.me/HUHTOKEN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuhToken
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huhToken/


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