EverGrow Coin, The Next Shiba Inu in Making Distributes More Than $20M in Rewards Within One Month

NEWARK, DE / ACCESSWIRE / November 8, 2021 / A recently launched project, EverGrow Coin, A New Cryptocurrency launched 6 weeks ago is the fastest-growing project in Crypto-history and recently also became the most rewarding! EverGrow Coin has paid over $20 million to its holders and is set to become the Next Shiba Inu with utilities. One of the most popular features of the EverGrow Smart contract is the fact that it pays Binance pegged US dollar rewards to all holders, the contract automatically converts rewards into a stable currency USD and distributes them to all holders.

EverGrow has burned over 50% of the total supply of their token, meaning these coins are permanently removed from circulation and do not receive rewards. Many projects burn coins, but generally, those burned coins still receive rewards or ‘reflections’. With EverGrow rewards only going to coin in circulation, this means holders are receiving around double the rewards of a comparable project.

Crypto investors are used to seeing projects go sideways for months or even years with little effort to do more than shilling the price and exchange listings. EverGrow Coin, however, launched in a very different way, and millions of investors around the world are paying attention.

Let’s have a look at the unique tokenomics of Evergrow Coin and why it is better than many other well established large-cap coins:

Higher Transactional Rewards: Evergrow Coin distributes much higher transactional rewards as compared to its competitor coins. It distributes 8% of the total transactions to its Hodlers wallet as a reward. The reward is transferred in BUSD coin, which is a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to USD and hence its Hodlers do not need to sell their holding to book their profits.

Buy Back and Burn: 1% of tokens are collected during every transaction which is later converted into Binance (BNB) coins and further stored in Evergrow’s secure smart contract known as the Buyback wallet. When the buyback wallet is activated, it buys Evergrow Coin from exchanges and removes the purchased tokens permanently from the circulating supply by sending them to the burn wallet.

Anti-whale Mechanism: To avoid wealth destructing dumps, Evergrow Coin developers have developed the smart contract such that no one can sell more than 0.125% of the total supply of the coin in one transaction.

The EverGrow project is not, however, just about rewards. Right from launch, the team behind EverGrow Coin talked about the importance for a project to have true utility to provide long-term value and are launching several platforms in the coming weeks.

NFT Marketplace and Lending: Evergrow Coin’s team is super adaptive, as they are not sitting on their achievements and are constantly trying to add something new to its arsenal. To enhance the value of its token, Evergrow’s team has introduced Binance smart chain-based NFT marketplace and the world’s first decentralized NFT lending platform. Evergrow’s NFT marketplace is one of the cheapest NFT marketplace out there, which allows creators to mint and sell their NFT super fast.

On the other hand, they built an NFT lending platform on BSC which allows NFT owners to borrow money or token by keeping their NFTs as collateral at a justifiable interest rate. This gives them the cushion to meet their fund requirement without actually selling their NFT. Further, investors may purchase and sell NFTs, including those obtained via liquidated collateral from the NFT Lending platform at its BSC-based NFT marketplace.

With a current marketcap around one-fifth of that of Safemoon and over fifty times smaller than Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, many analysts are identifying EverGrow Coin as THE value investment in the cryptoverse for 2021.

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