Ethereum whales have a master plan for Chainlink after prolonged consolidation

  • Top 1000 Ethereum whales actively trade more Chainlink than Shiba Inu and tokens put together.
  • Chainlink’s trade volume surpassed $2 million, and the altcoin was more popular than SHIB and CRO tokens. 
  • Analysts set a bullish $38 target for LINK price based on a similarity between current and previous trends. 

The top 1000 Ethereum whale wallets are actively trading Chainlink, and the altcoin is preparing for a comeback after prolonged consolidation. 

Ethereum whales trigger a spike in Chainlink’s on-chain activity

Chainlink has dropped out of the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and suffered prolonged consolidation. Chainlink continues to onboard new partners through its oracle service, leading to increased popularity for the altcoin over the past quarter. 

The top 1000 Ethereum whale wallets are a major contributor to the rise in Chainlink trading volume. Chainlink has topped the list of most traded cryptocurrencies by whale wallets, dominating Shiba Inu and 

Chainlink is the sixth most popular cryptocurrency among traders, with $380 million in holdings of the top Ethereum whales. Proponents consider that the recent drop in Chainlink price may be linked to the risk-off trend in financial markets. 

Chainlink network’s total value locked (TVL) exceeded $75 billion at the beginning of November 2021. Increasing exposure to the metaverse and the rise in partnerships in the DeFi ecosystem has triggered a spike in the growth trajectory of Chainlink. 

Sergey Nazarov, co-founder of Chainlink protocol, recently tweeted:

As Chainlink’s decentralized services expand beyond validated data e.g., Keepers/Off-chain Compute & CCIP, the Chainlink economy grows in both the value secured ($80Bn+) and the fees generated from that security. Super-linear staking is being worked on to increase security & fees.

Analysts are bullish on LINK price and set a target of $38 for the altcoin before the end of 2021. @linkmarine007, a cryptocurrency analyst, has compared the LINK price trend with the previous cycle. 


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