Ecchicoin NFT Token Launches On BSC Blockchain

Houston, Texas, Nov. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Newly launched just two weeks ago on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ecchicoin token is a new cryptocurrency project bringing anime to the blockchain. Ecchicoin offers fun, well designed NFT’s, an NFT marketplace, with a future roadmap that includes online crypto anime games, and a fully animated anime series. The token team is lead by an Australian born developer who goes by the name, Dingus Khan. Now living in California Khan has been involved in crypto since 2017, and has a deep passion for the art of film, with career experience in drama and horror. The team came together as a result of multiple experiences with similar projects that turned out to be scams. Ecchicoin is a fantasy powered project set to stand apart from other cryptocurrency games in the BSC space as a safe investment with a plethora of utilities. 

The project is supported by tokenomics of the Ecchicoin. They are enhanced with contract functions that prohibit chart manipulation such as an anti-whale function which limits maximum purchases to 0.03% of circulating supply. In addition, there is also a max wallet limitation to 5% of circulating supply. There also exists a vesting period for investors who participated in the whitelist and private sale. Vesting periods run one to four months. Rewards and prizes for community and investor giveaways are also included in the tokenomics to help elevate investor engagement.  There is a 11% tax on every transaction. Taxes are divided as follows: 2% goes to reflections back to holders, 4% is allotted back to the liquidity pool, 3% goes to the reward wallet, 1% goes to marketing, and 2% goes to an anime wallet for production costs. Ecchicoin was the first project to launch on the Degem platform, it also offers BUSD pairing in the form of their marketplace buyback. Fees ranging as low as 1% to a maximum of 2% are split into halves with one half going back to Echhicoin and the other BUSD added back to liquidity on pancake swap. 

NFT’s are currently live on the Ecchicoin NFT marketplace. The roadmap includes the launch of their P2E game called Isekai Battle. NFT owners can build and army to defend their castle or to battle mythical creatures. The projects most anticipated utility will be the creation and launch of their anime series called, Isekai Island. A live tracker is available online that shows progress toward the series production. The series will include 30 minute episodes, screenplays are already in production and original music is currently in production as the team partners with Raj Ramayya.  Renowned anime voice starts such as Cherami Leigh, Morgan Berry, and Kira Buckland are on an ongoing list of talent already associated with the project. 

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