E-Gift Cards Leading Platform GiftChill to Accept Shiba Inu

IMSIL, South Korea, Nov. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Shiba Inu is a token designed to be compatible with Ethereum, an alternative to Dogecoin. This cryptocurrency has gained popularity this year after it rose by over thousands of percent since it got a foothold in late January 2021. Market speculations on this cryptocurrency have shown fortune, and its use is anticipated to go up soon. GiftChill is looking forward to add Shiba Inu as payment method to give investors a better payment alternative for eGift Cards.

Why use the Shiba Inu Payment Method on GiftChill platform?

The Ethereum blockchain paved the way for various tokens, with each providing its own specific utility. Shiba Inu is one of the most notable currencies used on the Ethereum network. It built on the firm foundation of canine-inspired meme coins like Dogecoin to become a coveted asset.

Since the introduction of Dogecoin payment, GiftChill has noted a significant increase in sales due to the flexibility of the method. Because investors interested in using a more flexible and cheaper payment method, GiftChill are planning to tap into a better opportunity (SHIB). The compatibility of this method with Ethereum will allow their customers to use apps like ShibaSwap to stake tokens and trade without an intermediary.

Benefits of using the Shiba Inu payment method in GiftChill

Transaction fee

The key advantage of GiftChill looking forward to add Shiba Inu as payment method is to lower the transaction costs of their clients. Since SHIB is compatible with Ethereum, the payments are made on Ethereum, which minimizes the transaction expenses significantly. The anticipated shift to Ethereum 2.0 in the near future will further bring the transaction costs on the network down, motivating more people to buy and use Shiba Inu coins as their payment methods for eGifts.

Borderless Transactions.

Integration of the Shiba Inu transaction method will facilitate international transfers. Most companies are currently using banks to pay overseas contractors and suppliers. However, this payment method wastes a lot of time and involves unnecessary paperwork. This Shiba Inu payment will complete transactions within minutes from all parts of the world as long as the internet is accessible. GiftChill takes this transaction method as a golden opportunity that they would not dare deny to Shiba Inu investors and holders to ensure they get discounted gifts from GiftChill.

GiftChill can be reached on support@giftchill.co.uk

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