Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Dominate U.S. Most Searched List In November

Meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have dominated the market search in recent times. With the rally of Shiba Inu to a new all-time high came a renewed interest in meme coins and since then, these projects have consistently topped search results on both social media and Google alike. The most recent one is the search metrics for November which show that interest in meme coins has peaked in the United States.

This comes as no surprise given the success of both of these altcoins in the past month. Projects which had started as jokes are now literally worth billions of dollars and given massive returns on investments in short periods of time. As these grow in popularity, curious investors have taken to searching these coins, either to see how they are doing or to get into the market.

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Shiba Inu, Dogecoin Dominate Search Results

Google results show that search queries for Dogecoin and Shiba Inu dominated in 23 states in the United States. These altcoins have gained so much popularity that they are outdoing top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum on the most-googled lists. Cities like Florida, Illinois, and Michigan saw a significant increase in searches for Doge and SHIB after billionaire Elon Musk endorsed the former.

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The country tops the list of highest queries for both meme coins as the numbers climbed rapidly with the 2021 boom. Single-month searches topped 7 million for Dogecoin, with Shiba Inu not far behind in this regard. This number has outpaced interest on coins like BTC and ETH that have usually led the market in this regard.

These may be cryptocurrencies with no utility whatsoever but according to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, as long as people value it, then they have value.

Meme Coins Lead Social Media

Google search results are not the only thing that the meme coins have been dominating recently. Social media is another avenue that Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have taken by storm. Searches on social media have skewed greatly towards these meme coins and this has been evident in the large followings that both projects have garnered in the past couple of months.

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Dogecoin remains high on the list of the most followed cryptocurrencies on Twitter, placing at 3rd with a total following of 2.5 million. BNB and Bitcoin are the only projects with more following than Doge on the platform.

Shiba Inu, a much younger project, placed in 5th with over two million followers on Twitter. Both projects placed ahead of investor favorites like Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and SafeMoon.

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