DeFi Investment Strategy Will Be Brought To New Heights With SmarterWorx, Nexo, And BitDAO

Decentralized Finance is the hottest technology in the crypto space. Supported by blockchain, the innovation has brought to life a new opportunity for average crypto fans to generate wealth. Projects like SmarterWorx, Nexo, and BitDAO are revolutionizing the industry by providing lucrative investment deals to ordinary mum-and-dad investors.

Nexo and BitDAO are lucrative projects worth looking at

Nexo is a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to earn passive income through lending interests. Since its inception in the space, Nexo’s growth curve has been exponential, with total transactions surpassing $130 billion and over 5 million active users worldwide. The platform supports more than 60 digital assets and opens up the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized Finance to users in over 200 countries. BitDAO, on the other hand, is a decentralized platform for virtual builders. The blockchain-powered ecosystem promotes the development of Web 3, a virtual space for interaction and building.

Why SmarterWorx is the next big thing

SmarterWorx reveals a new beginning for Non-Fungible tokens. The platform’s solid tokenomics stand true to revolutionize the entire NFT space by merging ledger technology with real tangible assets. The project is currently under development with fundraising on presale purchase for the ecology’s utility token, ARTX. Crypto fanatics willing to participate in the project before it becomes mainstream can buy ARTX tokens at a discounted price.

SmarterWorx Tokenomics

SmarterWorx is the most promising DeFi protocol on the market. One of the most interesting features of the project is that it will develop a treasury fund open to investors of all sizes. The tokenomics will provide a great deal, especially to retail investors who are art enthusiasts. By just holding the ARTX tokens, retailers will have a chance to own a piece of expensive art, an asset class that is normally available to millionaires and billionaires. SmarterWorx plans to integrate physical items into the virtual world. To begin with, the project will develop a treasury fund that will frequently allocate funds to an NFT portfolio. SmarterWorx will then integrate these collectibles into a trading system that diverts profits to the ecosystem’s native utility token ARTX.

The ARTX token supply will reduce gradually as the protocol makes money. This will be possible with a unique burning feature set to use half of all profits to buy and burn the ARTX tokens out of circulation permanently. The asset burn will guarantee investors a steady appreciation of the token’s value as more burning occurs. 


SmarterWorx is a relatively new project. However, it is set to disrupt the entire blockchain financial ecosystem in due time. ARTX tokens are set to appreciate upon completion of the presale, with increased listings on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

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