Cryptocurrency trading platform announces digital asset-inspired advent calendar

The holiday season is approaching, an exciting time for some and an overwhelming one for others. When it comes to buying gifts, fancy dinners, decorations, costs can add up quickly, at times derailing one’s investing and savings plans. To ensure this unwanted stress doesn’t impact your financial future, advisors will often recommend automating your investment journey, so users can ensure contributions are continuous and they are taking full advantage of the compounding effect.

Bitpanda is a platform helping to level this financial playing field by giving users access to several educational tools and simple-to-use financial products. In light of the impending holidays, the team has begun their Christmas countdown with special gifts for their community, a group that is now estimated to be over 3 million.

Now, the Austrian fintech unicorn is inviting users to take part in its HODLiday Calendar, their version of the popular advent calendar. As its name suggests, users won’t find the typical chocolates found in every box. Instead, each day will be filled with digital assets, a giveaway set to start on Dec. 1.

However, this giveaway is not just for existing users. It is also open to those who don’t yet have a Bitpanda account and are looking for ways to take hold of their investments. Those interested in participating can join the Bitpanda community in a matter of minutes, as they create a free account and join the team on social media to learn about what the campaign has in store each day.

A gift behind every corner

The community is said to expect over 100,000 EUR and several additional surprises that will be distributed to the community. These giveaways are in addition to a series of trading competitions and quizzes that will be facilitated across their social media platforms, where not one day will go by without something happening on the social front.

To add to the holiday concept, each week of the HODLiday Calendar will follow its own theme, each with its prizes and campaign mechanisms. The Bitpanda team has released these four themes as part of a sneak peek at the celebration. During the first week, users will be filling “their stock-ings,” in week two it becomes a “HODLiday CELObration,” while week three is a “trade under the cryptotoe,” which is followed by week four, “all I want for Christmas is … crypto” and finally the fifth week, “the BEST time of the year.”

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Together, these features make for a completely gamified experience that eliminates any barriers or apprehension towards the beginning of an investment journey. Users can quickly learn about different investment avenues, including cryptocurrency, and learn some of the more intricate nuances to help guide their process.

Continuous growth

In 2014, Bitpanda was born as a trading platform from the efforts of Eric Demuth, Christian Trummer and Paul Blanschek. However, the company quickly evolved to make provisions for all investment options, regardless of the budget and risk an investor was willing to take on.

The company has since shifted their focus to growth, product development and international expansion, all with the mission to grow into the leading investment platform in Europe and beyond.

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