Cryptocurrency prices today: Bitcoin dips after minor pullback, Ether rises slightly

Cryptocurrency prices fell over the past 24 hours due to a broad-based shift in trading momentum. Check the latest cryptocurrency prices and trends.

The cryptocurrency market witnessed a dip after a quick sprint over the past 24 hours. (Photo: Reuters)

Most cryptocurrencies dipped over the past 24 hours as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, slumped over 3 per cent after inching closer to $59,000.

Bitcoin was trading at $56,499 or 1.73 per cent lower than its price 24 hours ago at 12:25 pm. The popular cryptocurrency’s market capitalisation fell to $1.07 trillion and the 24-hour trade volume stood at $1.22 billion.

Ether, the native token on the Ethereum platform, was the only cryptocurrency that rose over the past 24 hours. It was trading at $4,413 or 1.81 per cent higher than its value 24 hours ago. The virtual token’s market capitalisation rose to $518 billion and the 24-hour trade was $1.15 billion.

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A number of other smaller cryptocurrencies such as Solana, XRP, Cardano, Polkadot, Dogecoin, Chainlink and Uniswap fell slightly as the overall market momentum weakened.

Edul Patel, CEO and Co-founder of Mudrex, a global algorithm-based crypto investment platform, said, “The cryptocurrency market faced a minor pullback after a quick sprint over the past 24 hours. BTC dropped to just above $56,000 after inching closer $59,000 mark.”

“Most of the altcoins too settled marginally lower after the initial rally. The coming 24 hours could likely be a range-bound session provided there is no major sell-off after the European equity markets open today,” he added.

Here are the latest prices and trends of popular cryptocurrencies:


Price (US Dollar)

24-hour change

Market cap

Volume (24 Hours)




$1.07 trillion

$1.27 billion




$520.41 billion

$1.15 billion




$28.90 billion

$2.17 billion




$17 billion

$1.8 billion




$98.90 billion

$2.90 billion




$51.44 billion

$151.52 million

DISCLAIMER: The cryptocurrency prices have been updated as of 12:50 pm and will change as the day progresses. The list is intended to give a rough idea regarding popular cryptocurrency trends and will be updated daily.

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