Crypto Drama Continues As P2E Games Hold Strong And Maintain Momentum

It’s 2022, and GameFi is more popular than ever. GameFi is a term referring to a mechanism that enables developers and players to accumulate value in crypto and NFTs via gameplay and the use of the metaverse principle. GameFi platforms are distinct from traditional games in that they allow players to earn money while enjoying their favorite games. This establishes the foundation for economic growth and inclusion in the rapidly growing gaming industry.

More importantly, there are a number of projects in this space which have not only survived the bear market thus far, but are actually thriving. These include the likes of DeFiHorse, Big Eyes, and Tamadoge, all of which have made millions of dollars so far.

Why has P2E become so popular?

An individual need only read a newspaper or go outside to realize that the world is in a bad place at the moment. Not only is the Russia-Ukraine conflict still ongoing, but inflation rates are the highest they’ve been in 40 years. Moreover, plenty of controversy this year involving 3AC (Three Arrows Capital), the Terra (LUNA) disaster, Celsius, and now the Binance and FTX fiasco have seriously damaged the crypto sector and the market has heavily suffered because of it.

So, the market is suffering and there is no confirmation as of yet about when the bear market will end. With that in mind, many have flocked to P2E games because these have the potential to provide substantial profits and become a viable source of income. The emergence of the metaverse concept only increased the demand for these games which include the likes of Gods Unchained and The Sandbox, as now many projects within this space are actively leveraging this new concept alongside the clever utilization of VR and AR technology to provide truly unique and cutting-edge services, features and attractive gameplay.

The rise of ‘meme’ coins

Anyone who has a social media account would have most likely heard of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently made headlines when he bought Twitter. A controversial figure by nature, Elon has often been the subject of heated arguments and debate regarding his true intentions as his tweets about his favorite crypto, DOGE, have previously caused massive disruptions in the crypto market.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with supporting a project provided it has long-term value, utility and is free from any possibilities of fraud or undesirable behavior. However, as the crypto industry became more popular, most investors preferred to stick with ‘meme’ coins like DOGE, SHIB and SAFEMOON which are based on little more than hype. While short-term investments in these cryptocurrencies may have yielded substantial profits, there were also a significant number of losses which not only hurt the investors’ portfolios, but also the perception of the wider crypto market and sector as a whole especially in the eyes of regulators and policy makers, many of whom see crypto as nothing more than an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

Big Eyes and Tamadoge

Big Eyes and Tamadoge are two of the hottest projects in all of crypto right now. Whereas Big Eyes is an initiative focused on improving the overall DeFi experience and prioritizing functionality over entertainment while simultaneously safeguarding investors from scam tokens, Tamadoge is a Play-to-Earn game centered around a digital pet named TAMAgotchi. While it is a meme coin, it leverages the metaverse concept and has created its own ‘Tamaverse’.

Why projects like DeFiHorse are needed

DeFiHorse is a blockchain-based horse racing metaverse game in which players can buy, sell, breed, and race NFT horses to win various prizes, in addition to hosting races to earn real-world profits. As the team values transparency and honesty, they want stakeholders and investors to get to know them and their origin story before investing. CEO Edison Mai, a Forbes ’30 Under 30′ listee, founded the Horseverse due to his obsession with technology and personal entrepreneurship experiences. Ever since, DeFiHorse has continued to improve and redefine the odds for a GameFi initiative, regardless of the state of the wider crypto market.

Their Beta Game on BSC has released

In fact, DeFiHorse was among the few projects in this space which weren’t adversely affected by the ongoing bear market nor the aforementioned controversial developments. These also included the likes of Dexo Exchange, Tamadoge and Big Eyes. Moreover, in conjunction with the ERC20 launch, DeFiHorse has been hard at work developing appealing presales and listings on the Ethereum chain for the project’s growing community.

Besides that, the updates planned for the near future will offer added benefits to DFH BSC holders. By utilizing DFH’s success, DFH (ERC) will consistently provide its users with both a smooth and efficient gameplay experience as well as lucrative investment opportunities by building upon the success of DFH (BSC). DeFiHorse has also since released the presale and is aiming to make millions. The project has additionally been thoroughly audited and complies with all AML and KYC rules and policies. Finally, despite the crypto sector’s downtrend in 2022, DeFiHorse sold its INO for over $300,000 USD and the Poseidon NFT round for another $100,000 USD.

DeFiHorse takes great pride in nurturing, enabling and learning from its community. It’s no wonder that DeFiHorse has posed over 6,9 million watchlists on the world’s number one crypto tracker, double that of crypto giant Bitcoin and almost triple Ethereum. This has brought DeFiHorse to be Southeast Asia’s most followed project on CoinMarketCap.

More than 20 Global Game Guilds have additionally already joined the ‘Horseverse‘ and are ready to deploy on DFH (ERC). There is also plenty of token utility when it comes to DeFiHorse including but not limited to entry fee, staking rewards, liquidity, community treasury, airdrops, a robust ecosystem, and more.

Join their presale:

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