Coin Can Rise as the Crypto Exchange Rapidly Grows Coin (CCC:CRO-USD) is a popular token that represents a fast-growing decentralized blockchain exchange. In fact, in the last three months, CRO has risen exponentially from 15.32 cents per token on Aug. 23 to 90.42 cents as of Nov. 23.

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That is a gain of almost five times (i.e., 490%) in the space of just three months. It leaves little upside for most people who might be thinking of buying the crypto. This is because many CRO holders are likely tempted to take their profits now. Coin has a market cap of $23 billion as of Nov. 23 and is ranked by CoinMarketCap as the 12th largest cryptocurrency. It ranks just before Shiba Inu (CCC:SHIB-USD) and follows Avalanche (CCC:AVAX-USD).

Standout Features of Coin

It turns out that CRO is actually built on the Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD) blockchain platform and software. It represents, a financial services company that includes an open-source decentralized exchange available as an app.

The company was started in 2016 with a grand vision. Its mission was to put cryptocurrency in every wallet. One way to do this is to put your company’s name in a very prominent place, and that’s what decided to do recently.

On Nov. 17, the company paid Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) a total of $700 million to put its name on the Staples Center in Los Angeles. That is the home of the L.A. Lakers basketball team as well as the Clippers, Sparks and Kings. The arena will now be called the Arena.

This naming deal is a game-changer. For example, The Clippers are building a new arena for their basketball team in Inglewood. They announced in September that their new arena would be called the Intuit arena after that company paid them $500 million.

And if that wasn’t good enough, the blockchain exchange also hired actor Matt Damon to star in a number of TV and web ads.

The Pros and Cons of and CRO

One of the marketing advantages that has over other exchanges is that it allows the user to buy a much larger number of cryptos using U.S. dollars. I recently signed up with to experiment with this and found they have over 200 cryptos available for purchase with a debit or credit card.

Many of these cryptos cannot be bought on Coinbase Global (NASDAQ:COIN). By my count, Coinbase only allows about 118 or so cryptos to be bought with U.S. dollars.

For example, you cannot buy VeChain (CCC:VET-USD) or XRP (CCC:XRP-USD) on Coinbase, but you can buy them on You also cannot buy The Sandbox (CCC:SAND-USD) or Pancake Swap (CCC:CAKE-USD) on Coinbase, but you can buy them with U.S. dollars on

These are just a few popular cryptos that you can buy in USD on, but not on Coinbase. However, interestingly, you can buy CRO on Coinbase.

That does not mean that is still the go-to exchange instead of Coinbase. For example, you cannot buy Floki Inu (CCC:FLOKI-USD) on either exchange. Moreover, I have tried to transfer some of my cryptos presently on Binance US exchange to It took more than six hours for the transfer to go through.

Another major drawback with compared to Coinbase is that you can only work with its app. It still does not have an online web presence, whereas Coinbase Global has both.

What to Do With Coin

I suspect that is going to give Coinbase Global a run for its money despite some of its drawbacks. Since the exchange is still privately owned, the only way you can participate in its upside is through owning its CRO token. By contrast, with Coinbase you can buy their public shares on the Nasdaq exchange.

There is no direct linkage between CRO and the website. For example, does not pay any dividends to CRO holders. You presently don’t need the tokens to buy cryptocurrencies on its website. In fact, there is nothing but an indirect linkage by name.

But that is good enough for the excited populace of crypto buyers these days. So be it. So far, the strategy has worked for the Binance Coin (CCC:BNB-USD) token. It’s now the third-largest cryptocurrency with a $99 billion market cap. But, just as with privately-held, there is no ownership linkage between BNB coin holders and the privately-held Binance exchange.

So, if Binance can get a $99 billion market cap, maybe CRO tokens could as well. That implies it could potentially rise more than four times from here, given its $23 billion market cap today.

On the date of publication, Mark R. Hake held a long position in the VeChain crypto and the Floki Inu crypto but did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in other securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines. 

Mark Hake writes about personal finance on and runs the Total Yield Value Guide which you can review here.

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