Crypto Analysts Think Ethereum-Based BudBlockz Will Be the Best Crypto Project of 2023

Thousands of decentralized applications (dApps) and projects have been developed on top of Ethereum ($ETH). However, not all of them have sustained long-term growth; some have even been forgotten throughout recent history.

There are, however, also projects which shine the brightest and have a high likelihood of success within the following years. 

One such project is BudBlockz, and today, we will be going over why crypto analysts think this project, built on Ethereum, has the potential to be the best crypto project of 2023.

BudBlockz and Its Value Proposition

BudBlockz is a project that has been purpose-built on top of the Ethereum ($ETH) blockchain, and as such, its native cryptocurrency, known as $BLUNT, is compatible with any wallets that support the token standard. It means that the token can be swapped or traded and stored within a wide range of cryptocurrency wallets that are already a part of the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

This ease of access and instant compatibility ensures that as many people as possible can dive into the project without going through any hurdles involving its utility and safe storage.

When we go over the value proposition of BudBlockz alongside this, this is an e-commerce solution that aims to provide users with access to the cannabis markets and enable each participant of the ecosystem to buy, sell or invest in products or dispensaries on a global scale, through fractionalized ownership.

$BLUNT is the native cryptocurrency used as the medium of exchange between individuals and cannabis corporations, such as dispensaries, farms, and CBD manufacturers.

How $BLUNT Has Huge Growth Potential

$BLUNT is the native cryptocurrency that powers the project and can be used as both a transfer of value and a governance token.

Since it is built on top of a blockchain that leverages the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism for its blockchain, it is also a solution that does not consume too much energy,  meaning that it is not as bad for the environment when compared to alternative blockchains that use Proof-of-Work (PoW).

Additionally, through the utilization of blockchain technology, BudBlockz can allow for fractional ownership, which can increase the industry’s overall growth and make assets and investment options that were previously inaccessible accessible to just about anyone globally.

The Future of BudBlockz and $BLUNT

BudBlockz as a project has caught the eye of analysts because it has seen rapid growth when it comes to the interest in the project from the crypto community.

Additionally, the project has completed multiple audits on its smart contracts, including one from Solidity Finance Audit and another from SolidProof Audit. This gives the project authenticity and ensures a high level of security. 

With the future anticipation of the release of 10,000 unique Ganja Guruz non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which will add an even higher level of utility as well as value to the ecosystem, the value of $BLUNT can reach new heights, and analysts are bullish for the future of this project as a result.

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