Cardano Price Prediction – Why This New Eco-Crypto will Pump 30x Faster Than ADA In 2023

Ever since it was launched in 2017, Cardano has been one of the rare leading cryptocurrencies that stayed away from controversies, didn’t have any drastic pitfalls, and is constantly working on improving its network.

However, even despite its robust functionality and advanced technology, “Ethereum’s biggest rival” wasn’t immune to the 2022 bear market. To be specific, it ended the year around with a 90% decrease in value from its ATH in late 2021.

But these last few days could indicate a major turnaround, with some solid increases recorded since the start of the year.

With that said… Cardano has a reputation for taking it “slow and steady”, which makes it a better option for a long-term investment.

If slow and steady isn’t your pace and you’re looking for an eco-crypto that will bring profits sooner than ADA, then you should shift your focus toward C+Charge (CCHG).

Cardano Price Prediction – How will Things Unfold in the Following Months?

Over these last two weeks, Cardano has recorded a remarkable increase of over 30% and is now looking to break the $0.5 resistance in the following weeks.

Just like with most leading altcoins, this sudden bullish momentum came as a result of Bitcoin surpassing the $20,000 target on January 15th.

Some of the famous crypto influencers on social media are expecting the project to reach $1 and maintain it in Q1 2023.

However, the price development for the rest of the year will largely depend on whether Cardano makes any significant improvements on the network and how well the market recovers.

Even though Cardano is the biggest eco-friendly crypto by market cap, it’s highly unlikely that it will record any tremendous profits by the end of the year.

That’s why experts suggest C+Charge as a suitable alternative.

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C+Charge Is Set to Become the Most Profitable Eco-Crypto of 2023

C+Charge is designed as a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) payment system that runs on blockchain technology and leverages carbon credits to provide numerous benefits to EV drivers.

Electric vehicle owners do huge favors for the environment, yet there aren’t really any companies out there that give them any sort of perks for their contribution.

This cryptocurrency is looking to change this by rewarding EV drivers with carbon credits every time they charge their vehicles at pre-defined stations.

Businesses like Tesla and Rivian are only getting more and more popular, which means there will be an increasing number of drivers in the following years as well.

Alongside the development of this industry, C+Charge will be at the forefront as the leading platform for EV driver incentives.

So, while the short-term profit is already forecasted to be huge, we can expect some impressive long-term returns with CCHG as well.

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C+Charge Solves Some Critical EV Industry Issues

As we said, the EV industry is experiencing rapid growth, but not a lot of benefits are keeping up with it.

For starters, charging electric vehicles is still a bit overwhelming, especially for owners that live outside the US and Canada.

That’s where C+Charge’s P2P payment system can come in handy. In the platform mobile app, EV drivers can find the nearest charging stations and pick the ones that currently have the least traffic.

Another huge advantage of this mobile app is that you can filter the charging stations by the ones that will reward you with carbon credits.

So far, only big corporations could leverage the carbon credit market and take advantage of it… which is now changing with the introduction of C+Charge. By receiving carbon credits, more people will also take on electric vehicles due to the great incentives.

An important thing to note about C+Charge’s mobile app is that it allows direct crypto wallet payments that don’t impose any additional fees or make you wait for hours like traditional systems. This makes transactions both more cost-effective and quicker.

Lastly, the platform aims to solve the non-transparent way of EV charge pricing that owners have been complaining about for years now.

Right now, there are a lot of stations that don’t disclose the precise cost of charging a vehicle at their location, which is presenting a huge problem to drivers.

C+Charge solves this through its innovative use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, allowing users to check out exactly how much they’ll pay for the charging services.

Presale and $50,000 Giveaway

C+Charge just recently launched its official presale for CCHG tokens and it has already raised over $300,000 in funding.

This shows that quality eco-cryptos are always in demand and seeing that the market in a whole is showing great signs of recovery, we can expect the presale to develop even further in the following weeks.

Experts and industry analysts predict that CCHG will bring 50x returns once it goes viral, with some even forecasting 50x!

Those who buy their first batch of CCHG in these early phases and follow the instructions presented here will also be eligible for an amazing $50,000 giveaway!

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Cardano (ADA) is one of the first major cryptocurrencies in the world to use a PoS module to try and minimize the disastrous effects cryptos have on the environment.

Taking its robust network and features into consideration, it seems that ADA tokens will bring some nice returns by the end of 2023.

But don’t expect anything spectacular.

The crypto market is currently showing a lot of bullish signals and many believe that we’re about to enter a new “golden age” of cryptos.

So, while keeping Cardano as a long-term investment, we should also look for some promising short-term profit tokens.

And the one that seems to show the most promise for huge returns is currently C+Charge (CCHG), according to numerous experts and dozens of media outlets.

If the predictions come true, you could easily 30x your investment if you buy the tokens right now on presale for a discount.

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