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According to the project’s website, each NFT makes a playable piece useful during a war.
Many of these NFT game project developers believe Cardano’s core values, vision, and mission make it the ideal blockchain to launch NFT gaming projects.

Crypto investor and blockchain game developer, Jason Appleton, has announced the launch of According to Appleton, the game’s creator, wargrum is a Cardano-based digital tabletop war game. The blockchain game developer shared an example of one of the characters – the Commande and the Guardian.
He further explained that each piece would have its spells, abilities, weapons, and skills, which they could use in a tactical war. My #Cardano based digital #tabletop #wargame. Here is an example of one of the #characters. Each piece will their own spells and abilities to use in a tactical war. #comingsoon
— Jason Appleton (Crypto Crow) (@jasonappleton) January 4, 2023

Playable pieces useful for tactical war
According to the project’s website, each NFT makes a playable piece valuable during a war. Also, each NFT is one piece. Hence, a 10-man unit can’t be playable with a copy of the unit’s NFT. It will require at least ten copies. The game system has a point system based on each user’s available NFTs, which they can use to unlock pieces and create a battle list.
Users get to earn tokens when they win matches against other players. They can use their earned tokens to buy more unique pieces or 3D model versions to replace their 2D pieces. Ultimately, users can collect 100s of NFTs with varying special abilities.Follow us for the latest crypto news!
Thus, enabling them to have a strong squad of playable pieces for various battles. Meanwhile, Appleton didn’t disclose the exact launch date for the new blockchain game. He only teased his followers, saying the project would launch soon. However, the project website states that the team will release unlocked playable pieces by 2024.
Appleton believes that blockchain-based gaming should be an adventure and shouldn’t feel like a job. The website further reveals that Appleton and his team plan to host a ladder tournament annually. Also, it plans to launch a reward tournament play which comprises a ranking system for all players. This ranking system will be automatically updated in real time.
The project’s schedule for this year includes an initial pre-order NFT list, who would constitute the beta users. These beta users will play low-point games to find possible bugs in the game.
Cardano and NFT gaming projects
There have been a lot of development activities on the Cardano blockchain lately, including several NFT gaming projects. A December 29 Santiment data lists Cardano as the leading blockchain for 2022 in terms of development activities. Ethereum occupies the fourth position on this list, with Polygon and Cosmos ahead.
Ethereum’s position is surprising, given its recent switch to become a proof-of-stake (pos) network. However, Cardano ranks 6th in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), as it recorded an average performance for most of last year. Internet computer (ICP) led other blockchain projects in terms of ROI, with Flow (FLOW) and Polkadot (DOT) coming second and third, respectively, per the Santiment data.
Many of these NFT game project developers believe Cardano’s core values, vision, and mission. This makes it the ideal blockchain to launch their NFT gaming projects. Meanwhile, Cardano’s native token, ADA, is up 1.5 percent and trades at $0.2755, according to current Coingecko data. It remains to be seen whether NFT gaming projects could be the main catalyst for ADA’s price to trade at $2.

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