Cardano (ADA) founder talks about what lies ahead in 2025 roadmap

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The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, revealed what to expect in the up and coming 2025 roadmap.

In his first AMA since returning from the Africa tour, Hoskinson spoke about how the 2025 roadmap is shaping up. He said working groups are currently in the process of evaluating what needs to be done on the remaining Basho and Voltaire phases. As well as another group looking at “next-generation technology.”

However, Hoskinson said, at this stage, these are proposals that require open governance to vote on before the 2025 roadmap is finalized.

“Currently, we have a large working group, and that working group is quantifying the remaining things for Basho and Voltaire. And there’s a parallel working group that’s right now working on next-generation technology.”

Basho refers to scaling and improving the network performance to better support growth and adoption in mind of high transaction volume. Whereas Voltaire relates to creating a self-sustaining ecosystem so that Cardano can be truly decentralized when IOHK steps back from the project.

But how does the 2025 roadmap differ from the last one?

Great things still to accomplish with the existing phases

Fitting these yet-to-be-determined roadmap goals into the development timeline will be done across the three planned HFC events. These are set for February, June, and October.

Hoskinson added that more definitive details will be released as they are known. But, nonetheless, the dates of the HFC events will govern the rollout of roadmap goals.

“There are three major changes for Cardano, those are the three HFC events, February, June, October. Somewhere in that time horizon, we’ll slow rollout concepts of the roadmap.”

While he didn’t get specific on what these might be, Hoskinson referred to “great things” that “people will be happy with” in respect of completing the Basho scaling and Voltaire governance phases.

The Hydra layer-2 scaling solution has been recently mentioned. Through its “isomorphic state channels” technology, IOHK expects 1,000 transactions per second (TPS) for each Hydra head, with 1,000 heads, combining to give 1,000,000 TPS in total.

Cardano is going from millions of users to billions

The 2025 roadmap straddles a somewhat awkward period, in that, it winds down the old roadmap and leads Cardano into a new era.

While the old roadmap was about setting the foundation, decentralization, smart contracts, scaling, and governance, the new 2025 roadmap focuses on the challenges of growing from millions of users to billions.

“The 2025 roadmap is more about what future markets, problems, and concerns do we need to capture as an ecosystem as we grow from the millions to the billions.”

Bringing about positive global change, through blockchain technology, is the ultimate end goal for the Cardano chain.

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