Brazilian tech startup DexKit is contributing to the mass adoption of DeFi with easy-to-use tools.




Coin League crypto prediction game

Crypto entrepreneurs are welcome on the DeFi platform thanks to all free premium tools with which they can start their web3 business from scratch.

RIO GRANDE DO NORTE, NATAL, BRAZIL, June 10, 2022 / — There is a startup in Brazil that has already accumulated two years of traction and is helping with the mass adoption of decentralized finance. It is DexKit, born in Natal under the idea of ​​an Electrical Engineer and Full Stack developer passionate about DeFi, who with a futuristic vision began to create easy-to-use tools for all people who want to get started in decentralized finance.

João Campos is a validator of the 0x network widely appreciated by the web3 community.

The first development of the project was the DSWAP (and it remains one of the greatest gems): a DEX aggregator built with the open source interface of Uniswap v1 (simple and efficient to use) but with an “improved” heart. Instead of taking the liquidity pool of Uniswap, he takes absolutely all the pools present in the 0x decentralized network to provide the trader with the best price at the time of his exchange operation. This innovation was initially deployed only for the Ethereum network, but has evolved to implement Polygon, Binance Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom, thereby expanding the user market.

DSWAP is also a white label product that DexKit provides to those who like to deploy it from the simple wizard within its platform. This tool gives the user the possibility to have their own DEX aggregator within their web domain for free, and in turn provides a passive way to earn cryptocurrencies every time a user exchanges tokens within the custom aggregator. This tool is perfect for those who manage large user communities. Currently there are more than 11 DexKit customers using the white label products and all the operative information about this tool is in the project document repository.

In turn, and within the same line of white label products, is the KitDex decentralized exchange, which can already be deployed by the user of your choice. It consists of a fairly simple interface to use, with the possibility of selling at market price (in the 0x decentralized network) and of placing limit orders with zero cost in network commissions. This exchange operates on the Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Chain networks with a view to expanding compatibility with others and very soon to deploy a new UI version, much more simplified and modern.

Within the DexKit platform is the SuperApp, which encompasses all the DeFi tools provided to users, from the creation and management of ERC-20 wallets with infinite network compatibility (within 0x technology) to exchange, NFT gamification through the Kittygotchi mascot and completely fair Blockchain games (anyone can win), incapable of being manipulated by users (because they have top third-party integrations) and with two purposes: receive crypto stimulus while learn trading.

This is Coin League: a fun and educational game developed by DexKit that consists of cryptocurrency price races with default options and integrations of the oracle giant Chainlink and The Graph, hosted within the Polygon and Binance Chain networks. All information about this game can be found in the documentation.

DexKit works hard to create a complete platform where its clients have all the tools they need to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, operating in a decentralized way (without the obscurity of conventional exchanges) and always online, something of which many of the “greats” cannot boast.

It also cannot be ignored that their content creators are creative and have a sense of humor. By following the project’s social networks, users can stay informed and entertained with the latest from web3 and the best crypto memes.

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