Binance Smart Chain Becomes Most Followed Cryptocurrency on Twitter

(Photo : Image from Executium on Unsplash) Binance Smart Chain Becomes Most Followed Cryptocurrency on Twitter

Binance Smart Chain is now the most followed cryptocurrency on Twitter. With that, BNB becomes even more followed on Twitter in comparison to Bitcoin, with Dogecoin being the third most followed crypto on Twitter.

BNB is the Most Followed Cryptocurrency on Twitter

Social following can be a strong signal of a project or coin’s success, as has previously been seen with the buzz around Dogecoin. Of course, in Dogecoin’s case, Elon Musk has also talked about the cryptocurrency, thus spiking its popularity and making the memecoin’s price increase massively.

As of the moment, Dogecoin still remains the third most followed cryptocurrency on Twitter, with Binance Smart Chain taking the first place. BNB has almost twice as many Twitter followers as BTC has at 6.2 million followers compared to Bitcoin’s 3.8 million as seen on WatcherGuru on Twitter.

Here are the Top 10 Most Followed Cryptocurrencies on Twitter:

1. BNB

2. Bitcoin

3. Dogecoin

4. XRP


6. Ethereum

7. CRO

8. SafeMoon

9. Cardano

10. Solana


One way for investors and traders to monitor the social buzz of certain cryptocurrencies online is through using tools like LunarCrush in order to get categories and rankings of upcoming cryptocurrencies. This tool can be used to find out the buzz about certain coins and how big their community might be.

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Effect of Social Buzz on Cryptocurrency

It is important, however, to note that social presence can still be bought with numerous bots out there. To expound, there are actually places online where cryptocurrencies can purchase their own social buzz through followers, likes, replies, and shares. Social buzz can be a huge indicator of a potentially successful altcoin. 

Due to cryptocurrency following some similar but also other different principles as common stock investing, technical and fundamental analysis can also be quite different as well. Although there is a degree of technical analysis that can be applied, the fundamental analysis of finding out which cryptocurrencies will most likely tick off, however, can be quite different.

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