Best Bitcoin Casino in 2023

Betbeard is the best bitcoin casino site, because of its wide slot game selection, fast withdrawals, and huge first deposit bonus. Players can enjoy everything from table games to sports betting, they can deposit and withdraw by crypto and fiat currency options and get free spins for every deposit they make.

The weekly cashback is the cherry on top making Betbeard one of the best crypto-gambling sites. Unlike traditional casino sites, Betbeard has a personal touch to every client, and the most loyal players are eligible for a no deposit bonus.

Best Bitcoin Casino Sites Ranking

Betbeard Casino

Betbeard is the top bitcoin casino, it offers seamless bitcoin transactions, lightning-fast withdrawals, and progressive jackpots and is currently the hotspot of the crypto gaming world. Various payment method options are offered there like Visa, MasterCard, Neteller and Crypto. Old-fashioned players can even enjoy bank transfer deposits and withdrawals along with playing live dealer games. Betbeard is a combination of a traditional online casino and a modern bitcoin gambling site with an easy registration process, and many bonus games in the form of free spins and bonuses for the first deposit. Betbeard is the best bitcoin casino to date, and we look forward to seeing it dominate in 2023 as well.

One of the reasons that Betbeard is the best bitcoin casino out there is because of its lightning-fast withdrawals. Transaction speeds are almost instant on this platform, meaning players can get their funds within minutes or even seconds. Another reason why Betbeard is so popular is because of its huge variety of games available for players. From traditional casino favourites like blackjack and roulette to modern bitcoin slot machines, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on this platform.

Betheat Casino

Betheat is one of the top crypto casinos, it is owned by Dama N.V. and it is based on the Softswiss platform. It has thousands of slot games and much like Betbeard offers a large deposit bonus, a loyalty scheme for VIP players and a monthly tournament, the winner of which gets a no deposit bonus. An initial deposit in Betheat comes with a 100% match bonus and the first 50 free spins. The VIP club has 14 levels to progress through and offers increasing benefits such as free spins, cash back bonuses, and other goodies. The casino offers provably fair games guaranteeing complete transparency of the game and the security is ensured by SSL encryption.


Bitstarz is a bitcoin casino that offers an advanced gaming platform which allows players to play using cryptocurrency and fiat, and feel all the thrills of the best slots in just one click away. It has been voted a great bitcoin casino by many experts and it has been praised for its fast withdrawal process. Bitstarz has been an established casino for years and it has support for 9 languages, it is a multi-cultural platform that accepts various payment methods, and many types of currencies and has 24/7 multilingual customer support. It also provides a wide range of games from the best developers such as NetEnt, Softswiss, Amatic and Pragmatic Play.

Mbit Casino

Deposit bitcoin at Mbit Casino which is a bitcoin-only casino, it has a huge library of online slots and table games from the leading developers. It offers huge bonus perks for players, including a first deposit bonus worth up to 1 BTC and 110 free spins. The VIP program provides cashback offers based on how much you play, so the more you play the more you’ll earn! There are also other offers like a no deposit bonus, reload bonuses, and much more. With so many perks available to players, it’s easy to see why Mbit Casino is one of the good bitcoin casinos on the web today.

Best Deposit Bonuses in Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin online casinos offer various promotions to keep their players engaged from deposit bonuses to free spins and free bets for sports betting players. In this section, we will analyze the most lucrative welcome bonus offer on the crypto casino market and critically evaluate their relevancy, wagering requirement rules, and availability for provably fair games. Let’s start with the biggest and most prominent crypto casino Betbeard.

Betbeard offers 4 steps welcome deposit bonuses and unlike traditional casinos, you can benefit from a welcome bonus on multiple deposits. The first bitcoin casino bonus is 100% and is activated using bonus code WBC1. You can play with it on all slots, including provably fair games, table games, and jackpot slots. The bonus cash has a wagering of just 35 times, making it the best offer by a top crypto casino.

  • After you deposit crypto for the second time, you will be eligible for the 50% bonus using the code WBC2. The wagering requirement is the same as for the first bonus, hence you get more for your money. All players are eligible for the bonus irrespective of whether they have deposited with crypto or with fiat currencies.
  • The third and fourth deposit bonuses are respectively 75% and 100% reload bonuses, all payment methods are available, and the wagering is the same as for the first deposit bonus, it stands at 35 times.

Free Spins in Online Bitcoin Casinos

Crypto gambling sites offer free spins as casino players love them, the best free spins promo currently is what Betbeard offer for every deposit. Instead of a deposit bonus, Betbeard gives our free spins for every crypto deposit, its players make. Every month there is different promotion, so you can be certain that whether it’s Halloween or Christmas season, you will always have plenty of free spins at Betbeard. As an honest provably fair bitcoin casino, Betbeard sticks to its promises and rewards every deposit of bitcoin. The great customer support and the constant promotions are making Betbeard the best online bitcoin casino.

There are plenty of bitcoin casinos that offer other great promotions as well, one such example is Betheat which also offers a four-step welcome deposit bonus. Betheat casino is famous for its VIP program rewarding the players according to their level of engagement with the site. The most active players get free spins gifts and higher weekly cashback.

How to Play at a Bitcoin Casino

Playing at one of the best crypto casinos is no different than playing on any regular online gambling site. As most of the games are similar, for a casino newbie it won’t make much of a difference. The more experience casino players will however know, that bitcoin casinos use a provably fair technology to verify the outcome of their slot games, that way they get extra trust from players who know that they are not being cheated. To find a good crypto gambling site, you can research bitcoin casino reviews, where different comparison sites have been evaluated.

Online Casino Games vs. Crypto Casino Games

Best casino sites will offer both fiat currency deposits and crypto payment methods making the line between these two inherently different types of gambling operations blur.

One could argue that crypto casinos are safer because of their blockchain technology however, on the contrary, they are regulated by more relaxed jurisdictions making them trickier if something goes wrong. In a traditional online casino regulated by the local authorities, players would expect the regulatory framework to protect them, whereas, in a bitcoin casino loosely regulated in an offshore jurisdiction, they would expect the market to correct itself and leave only fair bitcoin gambling sites in the business. Other bitcoin casinos that adopt illicit practise will simply vanish because their reputation will hurt them in the long term.

Which is the Best Crypto Currency for Gambling

  • Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, and it remains the most well-known and widely-used option. One of the main advantages of Bitcoin is that it offers a high degree of anonymity; when you make a transaction with Bitcoin, your personal information is not attached to it. This can be a big advantage if you’re concerned about privacy. Another advantage of Bitcoin is that there are relatively low transaction fees associated with it. When you make a deposit or withdrawal at an online casino using Bitcoin, you won’t have to pay any processing fees. This means that more of your winnings will stay in your pocket!
  • Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that was introduced relatively recently, but it has already caused quite a stir. One of the things that set Ethereum apart from other options is its built-in programming language, which allows for smart contracts. This means that transactions can be made without the need for a third party (like a bank) to facilitate them. Because of this, Ethereum offers even more anonymity than Bitcoin. If you’re looking for a truly private way to gamble online, Ethereum may be the best option for you. Another advantage of Ethereum is that transactions are incredibly fast; they can be processed in as little as 15 seconds! This can be a big advantage if you’re trying to make a quick withdrawal from an online casino.
  • Litecoin is similar to BTC in many ways, but it offers faster transaction times and lower fees. LTC is a good choice if you are looking for a fast and cheap way to gamble.
  • Dogecoin is a fun and friendly cryptocurrency that was originally created as a joke. However, DOGE has grown in popularity and is now used by many people for gambling. Dogecoin is perfect if you are looking for a light-hearted and fun way to gamble.

So, which cryptocurrency is the best for gambling? Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have their own unique advantages. If you’re looking for privacy and anonymity, then either one would be a good choice. However, if you’re looking for speed and convenience, then Ethereum would be the better option. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one suits your needs best.

Advantages Of Using Bitcoin For Gambling

  • One of the biggest advantages of using Bitcoin for gambling is that it is incredibly fast and convenient. Deposits and withdrawals are usually processed instantly, so you won’t have to wait around to start playing or cash out your winnings. Another advantage of using Bitcoin is that it offers increased security and anonymity compared to other methods of payment.
  • When you use Bitcoin for gambling, your personal information is not shared with the casino or any third party, so it’s much more difficult for anyone to hack into your account or steal your identity. When you use Bitcoin, there is no way for anyone to trace your transactions back to you. This is unlike traditional methods of payment, such as credit cards or e-wallets, which can be linked to your personal information.
  • Bitcoin for gambling can be cheaper than other methods of payment. This is because there are no middlemen involved in the process and no fees are charged by banks or other financial institutions.

How Does Bitcoin Work

Bitcoin is a digital asset and a payment system that was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. A blockchain is a public dispersed ledger that records verified transactions by network nodes through cryptography. What makes Bitcoin unique is that there are only a finite number of them: 21 million.

Bitcoins are stored in a digital wallet and can be used to purchase goods and services. Transactions are made without middlemen, so there are no transaction fees. Bitcoin can be used anonymously, which makes it attractive for people who want to gamble online without revealing their identity.

Is It Legal to Gamble with Bitcoin

The legality of gambling with Bitcoin depends on your location. In the United States, for example, gambling with cryptocurrency is considered illegal under federal law. However, there are no federal laws that explicitly ban gambling with Bitcoin. This means that it’s up to each individual state to decide whether or not to allow gambling with Bitcoin. So far, only Nevada and New Jersey have legalized gambling with Bitcoin.

Players who are tired of their local casino brands and want to try new slots, wider game selection and faster speed are moving to bitcoin casinos as blockchain technology allows them to outperform regular online casinos.

How to Use Bitcoin for Online Gambling

Since it’s digital, bitcoin isn’t regulated by any central bank or single administrator. Instead, transactions are confirmed by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public ledger called a blockchain. Bitcoin is one-of-a-kind because there are only 21 million of them. You ‘mine’ bitcoins to earn a reward, and then you can use those same bitcoins to buy other products and services. At this moment, more than 100,000 merchants around the world accept bitcoin as payment. While you can use Bitcoin for a variety of purposes, such as booking hotels on Expedia or buying furniture from Overstock, it’s important to remember that the value of Bitcoin is subject to change. In 2017, the price of Bitcoin surged to new heights.

Bitcoin could very well change everything we know. Without any restrictions, people can now send and receive money through this powerful network. Perhaps this is the start of a more free world that functions better overall.

In order to gamble with Bitcoin, you will first need to set up a Bitcoin wallet. You can think of this as a bank account for your Bitcoin that allows you to store, receive, and send cryptocurrency. Once you have done this, you can find an online casino that accepts Bitcoins. When you’re ready to make a deposit, simply send the amount of Bitcoin you want to gamble with from your wallet to the casino’s address. And that’s it! You can now start playing your favourite casino games with Bitcoin.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Gambling

The first thing you’ll need to do if you want to gamble with Bitcoin is to set up a wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is simply an app or program that allows you to store, send, and receive Bitcoins. There are many different types of wallets available, but we recommend using either Coinbase or since they’re both easy to use and reliable. Once you’ve set up your wallet, you’ll need to fund it with some Bitcoins so that you can start gambling. You can buy Bitcoins on exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance, or earn them by completing tasks on sites like Bitcointalk or FaucetHub.

Once you have some Bitcoins in your wallet, you’re ready to start gambling! Simply find an online casino that accepts Bitcoin (like Betbeard or Betheat) and create an account. Then just deposit some Bitcoins into your account and start playing! When you’re ready to cash out your winnings, simply withdraw them back into your Bitcoin wallet and they’ll be transferred almost instantly!

How to Use Bitcoin for Online Gambling

Bitcoin gambling has been on the rise in recent years as both casino players and casinos have sought out new ways to use cryptocurrency. While online gambling with Bitcoin may seem complicated at first, it’s actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about using Bitcoin for online gambling, from setting up your wallet to making withdrawals. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, which allows for instant, peer-to-peer payments. It’s becoming increasingly popular as a way to gamble online, due to its anonymity and the fact that many online casinos accept it. Here’s a quick guide on how to use Bitcoin for online gambling

  1. Choose a Bitcoin wallet. There are many different types of Bitcoin wallets available, so choose the one that best suits your needs. If you’re planning on using Bitcoin for online gambling exclusively, look for a wallet that offers good security features and is easy to use.
  2. Buy some Bitcoins. Once you have a Bitcoin wallet set up, you’ll need to purchase some Bitcoins. You can do this through an exchange or by buying them directly from someone else.
  3. Find an online casino that accepts Bitcoin. While not all online casinos accept Bitcoin yet, more and more are starting to do so every day. Do a bit of research to find one that suits your needs and offers the games that you want to play.
  4. Deposit your Bitcoins into your casino account and start playing! Once you’ve found an online casino that accepts Bitcoin and deposited some funds into your account, you’re ready to start playing! Just choose the game you want to play and start placing your bets.

The Reality of Bitcoin Casinos

When it comes to online gambling, there are a lot of different options to choose from. You’ve got traditional casinos, sports betting sites, and even fantasy sports leagues. But in recent years, a new type of gambling site has been gaining popularity: Bitcoin casinos.

So what are Bitcoin casinos? In short, they’re online casinos that allow you to gamble using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. But are they legitimate? Are they safe? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the reality of Bitcoin casinos and help you decide if they’re right for you.

The Pros of Bitcoin Casinos

There are a few advantages to gambling at a Bitcoin casino. First of all, because Bitcoin is decentralized, there’s no need to worry about your money being held by a central authority like a bank or government. This means that your money is much less likely to be confiscated or frozen by the powers that be.

Another advantage of Bitcoin casinos is that they offer near-anonymous gambling. If you’re someone who likes to keep your gambling activities private, this can be a big plus. When you gamble with Bitcoin, there’s no need to provide any personal information like your name, address, or date of birth. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet address, and you’re good to go.

Finally, because Bitcoin casinos are still relatively new, they’re often more generous with their bonuses and promotions than traditional online casinos. If you’re looking for a good deal on your gambling dollar, a Bitcoin casino might be worth checking out.

The Cons of Bitcoin Casinos

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to consider before gambling at a Bitcoin casino. One of the biggest drawbacks is that because Bitcoin is still relatively new and not widely accepted, it can be difficult to find a casino that accepts it as a form of payment.

Another potential downside is that because most Bitcoin casinos are unregulated, it can be difficult to file a complaint or get your money back if you feel like you’ve been wronged by the casino. If you do decide to gamble at a Bitcoin casino, be sure to do your research ahead of time and only play at reputable sites.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Real

Yes, bitcoin casinos are real online sites where people can safely gamble and have fun while earning real money? Popular bitcoin casino strategies include using gambling bots, using bitcoin faucets and of course, Bitcoin dice games. Playing in these types of casinos allows players to gamble without revealing their personal identity, the usage of a VPN is also allowed in most cases.

If you’re thinking about gambling at a bitcoin casino, there are definitely some things to consider first. Do your research to make sure that you are playing on a licensed website like where you will find hundreds of games and a huge selection of bonuses and promotions. With the advances in technology, online gambling sites will only continue to progress and essentially offer an amazing experience.

Progressive Jackpots Games for Crypto

You are probably wondering what is a progressive jackpot slot. In short, it is a game that has an extra prize pool that increases every time someone plays. The more people play, the higher the jackpot becomes and the more chances for you to win big! There are many different types of progressive jackpot games available for crypto gambling enthusiasts. Some popular titles include Mega Moolah, Bitcoin Rush and Major Millions. Blockchain casinos like offer players the chance to try their luck at these fun and exciting games.

So are progressive jackpot games for crypto worth playing? Well, it really depends on your personal preferences. Some people enjoy the thrill and excitement of potentially winning big with a single spin, while others prefer more low-stakes games.

How to Deposit Funds with Bitcoin Cash

Casinos accepting bitcoin cash (BCH) are popping up all over the web, and it is not difficult to see why. BCH is a flexible payment option that allows users to transfer funds quickly and easily with lower fees. If you want to deposit funds in your online casino account with bitcoin cash, here are some helpful tips on how to do it:

  • First, you need to purchase some bitcoins and then transfer them to a digital wallet or exchange that supports BCH. Some popular options include Coinbase and Kraken.
  • Next, log in to your chosen casino website and navigate to the cashier section. Select bitcoin cash as your preferred payment option and enter the amount that you wish to deposit.
  • Finally, enter your wallet address or scan the QR code for your BCH wallet and click on the deposit button to complete the transaction.
  • Once the funds have been processed, you will be able to start playing your favourite casino games right away!

Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal

In the past thirty years, online cryptocurrency casinos have gained immense popularity. This is due to the sharp increase in ownership of cryptocurrencies. In fact, the rate of people owning cryptocurrencies has grown almost as quickly as the value of a single Bitcoin in US currency. It has been proposed that federal laws and regulations concerning virtual gambling should be updated, as the only existing law was created fifteen years before this article’s publication.

Websites such as Betbeard use cryptocurrency for gambling since it hasn’t been officially illegalized in the United States. These websites are fully functioning and allow users to partake in various gambling games. Online gambling websites use cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. They encourage players to use these currencies by providing virtual platforms that offer a wide variety of slots, Blackjack, and Texas Hold ‘Em games found in regular casinos. Sites like Betbeard, Betheat, Bitstarz, and Mbit make up a sizable chunk of the crypto-gambling industry. In just three years (2014 to 2017), the crypto gambling industry accepted over 24 billion bets -the equivalent of 4 billion US dollars. While online gambling with cryptocurrencies is a popular pastime, the legality of it in America is unclear as the government has yet to give a consistent federal response. The United States regulatory scheme surrounding virtual currency casinos is more complicated and unclear than that of other countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand.

Economic Impact Of Crypto Casinos

Gambling platforms that use cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are called “crypto casinos” by online users. These casinos offer many gambling experiences to users around the world, including sports betting, poker, and even virtual slots.

Since more than three hundred cryptocurrency transactions occur every second online, it is crucial to understand how crypto casinos were formed and are regulated today. Online casinos have seen the greatest promotional growth and facilitated transactions using cryptocurrency rather than credit cards in the summer of 2016, as noted by most Bitcoin experts. Prior to Bitcoin, the crypto-space landscape was only dotted with a few small virtual platforms that didn’t have much success. But when Bitcoin came along and established casinos entered the industry, it revolutionized everything. In order to gain more users, many crypto casinos offer a wide array of benefits and perks, such as free spins, match-deposit welcome bonuses, and specific cryptocurrency transaction bonuses.

Provably Fair Slots in Online Crypto Casinos

Although blockchain-based random number generation could be a provably fair mechanism for games of chance, the seeds used may not have enough entropy. This is because most inputs are either deterministic or inherently biased in favour of a participating party, depending on the blockchain technology being used.

Players of traditional casino games are susceptible to the same dangers as any centralized system. Systemic risks—both intentional and unintentional—are more likely to occur when there is a lack of transparency in centralized systems. When key information is hidden, it becomes possible for the system owner (for example, “the house” in gambling) to manipulate results so that they are always favourable.

Best bitcoin casinos like Betbeard use decentralized blockchain-based smart contracts to provide a system for determining outcomes that is transparent and can be openly reviewed to improve the user experience.

The Betbeard gaming platform is secure because the account balances and player stakes are confirmed by a smart contract. In addition, the smart contract also assures that the game rules are being enforced fairly and that winnings are deposited into players’ and the gaming platform’s accounts.


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